Co-Workers’ Sexy Black Flats

Cumming flats and shoejobs with flats.

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Co-Workers’ Sexy Black Flats

Post by loafer_lover »

So last fall we got a new coworker in our department. She’s mid thirties, cute little figure, and some very sexy size 8 feet. As time went on and winter approached, she left a couple pairs of shoes to switch in to once she got to work. A pair of black shoes and a pair of black flats, which she typically wears barefoot and she loves shoeplaying in.

A couple weeks back she went on vacation for a couple of weeks so of course, I took in upon myself to keep her shoes company (being the nice guy I am). I brought home her black flats and wow, toe prints/indentations already and the amazing smell of sweaty female feet. Instant hard on! Just remembering her shoeplaying and how I watched it intently made me but my nuts over and over again. No wonder she’s always dipping and playing with her shoes, her feet must get so sweaty in them. I let a few loads dry up in her right shoe and when she came back last week, the first day back she put the flats on and I got hard a few times knowing her cute feet were now walking around in my cum. Hopefully more to come with this little cutie.
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Re: Co-Workers’ Sexy Black Flats

Post by ViTr3x2 »

Very hot pics, does she have some more shoes under her desk ?
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Re: Co-Workers’ Sexy Black Flats

Post by Newfootlover »

That's so awesome!!
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Re: Co-Workers’ Sexy Black Flats

Post by Richie »

Great pictures and lovely flats. I would have done the same :-) You must have had a really great time with them. In the past I sometimes borrowed my colleagues shoes too when they were on holiday. It’s a great satisfying feeling to have a pair of shoes of your colleague at home, no time to rush or risk to be caught and you can have fun with the shoes the whole time whenever you want to
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Re: Co-Workers’ Sexy Black Flats

Post by Kimble841 »

I'm hooked. Love this thread already. Please keep it going
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Re: Co-Workers’ Sexy Black Flats

Post by maturefeet »

great shots of her sexy painted toes and that you could fuck her flats as well. Keep us posted
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Re: Co-Workers’ Sexy Black Flats

Post by leftwing »

absolutely fantastic. nice work.
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Re: Co-Workers’ Sexy Black Flats

Post by milka20 »

great work
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Re: Co-Workers’ Sexy Black Flats

Post by sandalfan1 »

She has some really sexy feet and flats! I don't know how you are able to concentrate with that going on. Please keep taking candid pics and of course cum pics if you get the chance again. I would have done exactly the same.
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Re: Co-Workers’ Sexy Black Flats

Post by SirRye »

Do you try not to clean?
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