Shoes In Love ( My Story)

Girls playing footsie in shoes and boots, under the table, in bed and anywhere else. Situations where their shoes come in contact with each other. Flirting at the dinner table, wrestling, stepping on each other's shoes during a catfight or any other reason.

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Shoes In Love ( My Story)

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Elissa and nancy are best friends that haven't seen each other since a long time , Nancy decided to invite her friend for the dinner .
Nancy is in black leather jacket , leather skirt , and black shiny high heels , Elissa enters the restaurant in brown leather jacket , brown leather skirt and brown leather high heels shoes.
As soon as they saw each other they ran into each others arm and hugged tightly that their leather jackets rubbing and made loud squeaky sound and the toes of their heels collided together.
they sit and the table , holding hands and their shoes starts to greet each other by kissing toes to toes and some rubbing , and interlocking heels together, as their shoes are hugging each other.
"I miss you sweetie" , Said Nancy,
"oh, i miss you more my love " , sadi Elissa.
Their faces got closer to each other looking into each other eyes,
"I Love you Elissa" said Nancy
"I love you too Nancy" , said Elissa,
then their red lipsticked lips met each other in a romantic passionate kiss, their high heeled shoes interlocked more and being entwined and making love, and rubbing each other, we could hear the squeaky leather shoes with the sound of the kiss of Nancy and Elissa.
Nancy suggests to slow dance with Elissa , and Elissa surely accepted , they stand up and holding each others hand locking fingers.
They start slow dancing together , their leather jackets squeaking together, we see the two beautiful pair of heels moving around each other and sometimes touching toes to toes as Elissa has bigger feet.
Nancy and Elissa stopped dancing and started to hug each other tightly and kissing with their red lipsticked lips passionately while rubbing their shoes together, their shoes fall in love with each other. they rub their shoes side by side , back to back , while the girls are loving each other, the shoes also are doing the same.
The girls decides to finish this at home, Nancy take Elissa to her appartment to continue their loving night.

To be continued....
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Re: Shoes In Love ( My Story)

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Nice. Looking forward to part 2 :)
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Re: Shoes In Love ( My Story)

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I can just imagine all of that leather squeaking together!
Nothing is sexier than soft, supple leather and shoes! - Love Lucy
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