Taboo Fiction

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Taboo Fiction

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Hi guys

I have been writing a story that is kind of heavy on the taboo side and wondered if anyone would be interested in reading it?

The story is about a step mother who finds her step son playing with her shoes. This leads to some fun of her own.

Some disclaimers
- everyone is of legal age. There is no peadophilia involved - that's just plain wrong.
- they are not blood relatives, but there will not be any direct action. Perhaps a hand job but that's it.
- the sister is a blood relative but I have not decided where she fits in yet.

Biggest disclaimer -
As a step father myself, I am not advocating having sex with your children or their shoes. I have never wanted this for myself - I just find the situation very erotic to write about.

Ok, all that out of the way... Anyone want to read it?
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Re: Taboo Fiction

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Sure, I'd like to read it..
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Re: Taboo Fiction

Post by jormun »

By all means, Sudsey, post away! Having seen all the content on the forum, and the general acceptance of a range of taboo subjects, I think you'd find a receptive audience for your story.
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Re: Taboo Fiction

Post by Sandalfuck10 »

yes ,,,,, pliss i want read
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Re: Taboo Fiction

Post by Sudsey »

Ok guys, thanks for the responses. Hope you enjoy it the first few chapters. More to come!

Ben sat back on the couch, his eyes flicking between his stepmothers and stepsisters feet. His stepmother, 36, raven haired and young for her age, was sitting at the other end of the couch, still in her office clothes, a smart black skirt, short but not slutty matched with a white satin blouse, sheer black tights and, Bens favourite, her black patent pumps with a five inch heel.

Bens stepsister, Aryana was 16, dark haired like her mother and was laying face down on the rug, her head in her hands as she read a girly magazine. Clad in a short t-shirt that showed her midriff, complete with tight, hipster jeans, her feet were clad in white low top chucks, her knees bent and ankles crossed causing her feet to bounce around in mid air behind her.

Bens stepmother lifted her feet up onto the foot stool and kicked her pumps off, flashing the sexy silver interior. Bens heart skipped beat and his semi-erect cock twitched. He hoped she left them there as she usually did when she went to bed.

He forced himself to look back at the TV - he didn't want his stepmother to realise he had a shoe fetish. That would be too embarrassing and she had a tendency to become uninhibited when she drank, which she often did since his father left.

"I'm off to bed mum," Aryana said suddenly, standing. She kissed her mother and headed to the door, Ben watching her chucks as she went.

"Me too," his stepmother said, stretching, "see you in the morning."

Ben watched her go, acutely aware that she had left her pumps behind, "night mum," he said, eager to get to those shoes.

Ben waited as long as he could, all the time staring at the sexy black pumps, until finally he could wait no longer. Kneeling down next to them he picked one up reverently, holding the glossy black shoe up in front of him for a better view. He turned it this way and that, drinking in the view, before bringing the the toe up to his lips. Gingerly he kissed it, his erect cock throbbing, urging him onwards. Parting his lips his tongue dashed out, licking the patent leather and sending shock waves through his body. He needed more. He took the toe into his mouth and sucked, his other hand rubbing his cock through his pants. As he sucked, his tongue darted out and found the vamp of his mothers shoe. Suddenly he needed to taste the insole, his tongue lapping up his stepmothers salty flavour.

This was too much for him - he needed to cum, and fast. Quickly he unzipped his pants and slid them down, freeing his impressive erection. He scooped up his stepmothers other shoe and slid it over his engorged cock, pumping it so that it's head was buried in the glossy black toe, all the time licking and sucking the other shoe.

It was all over very quickly, his cum filling the toe of the pretty black pump. He closed his eyes, his breath slowing as his cock pumped out the last of his semen into the shoe, the other shoe forgotten in his other hand.

Sarah stood outside the door in shock. She had come downstairs for a glass of water and discovered her stepson staring intently at her shoe. She was about to ask what he was doing when he brought her pump to his mouth and kissed it. Stunned, she continued to watch, trying to make sense of what she was seeing.

As Sarah was about to enter the room and confront Ben, he unzipped his pants and released his cock. An involuntary twinge of pleasure stopped her and she watched with awe as he slid her shoe over his manhood. She knew what she was feeling was wrong, and she took a step back, but she couldn't look away until he had filled the toe of her shoe with cum. With bens climax, the spell was broken and she spun around, hurrying to her room to try to work out what to do.

Sarah sat on the side of the bed and tried to think. What Ben was doing was strange to her, confusing, and the feelings she experienced muddied the waters. Suddenly an idea occurred to her - she was certain google would hold an answer. She picked up her iPad and soon was viewing sites about shoe fetishes.

Pictures were flashing by of shoes being used in all sorts of ways she had never dreamt of, and the strange feelings she had experienced began to intensify. Instead of looking for answers to what to do about Ben, she became absorbed in viewing images of shoes on cocks. Finally she stumbled upon pictures of pumps being used by females on themselves and she gasped as her pussy gave a twinge, her hand going to her crotch and rubbing it through the thin pyjama shorts she was wearing. She was surprised to find them wet already.

Just under one image was a link which opened a video showing a woman in red high heel pumps. The woman removed her shoe and worshipped it, licking and sucking it all over, just as Ben had done. Sarah watched intently, her fingers rubbing her crotch. Her eyes flicked to the walk in robe for a moment, and she bit her bottom lip. Could she do this? Should she?

She hit pause and jumped out of bed, stripping her clothes from her shapely body as she went, finally opening the closet door and eying her shoe collection. She spotted the pair she was looking for - her own 5 inch red patent pumps. Grabbing them, she hurried back to the bed, throwing them on the coverlet and got herself comfortable. Ben and the woman in the video both started by worshipping the shoe, so she decided that's what she should do. Picking up one of her heels, she held it in front of her, studying it as Ben had her black heels. It certainly was a beautiful shoe, she decided.

Sarah's other hand was in her crotch, her fingers playing with her clitoris when she decided to try kissing the toe of her shoe. The cool touch of the patent leather to her lips along with the imagery of her stepson kissing her black shoe caused her to cum.

Sarah hit play on her iPad and copied the woman in the video. She began by licking the shoe all over as the woman did, her pussy spasming as she did so. The woman rolled onto her back and used the heel of her shoe on her clitoris. Sarah copied and felt an electric buzz at the touch of the heel, then her eyes went wide - the woman in the video had turned her shoe around and had inserted it into her pussy, toe first. "Here goes," she said, turning her own shoe around. She sighed as the cool leather touched her hot wet lips, parting them and sliding in, "oh yes!" she murmured, sliding it in further then pulling it out a little. She looked at the iPad and her eyes went wider at how deep the woman's shoe has penetrated. Sarah copied, pushing her own shoe in further so that the heel was almost touching her bottom, and her shoe filled her. She no longer needed the video - she slid the shoe back and forth, her other hand finding the shoes partner and stuffing it in her mouth, partly as a gag, partly to suck on. Keeping the shoe in her mouth, she pumped the one in her pussy in and out with one hand and rubbed her clitoris with the other. Suddenly her back arched and she shuddered, cumming three times in quick succession, her juices spraying around the shoe in her pussy and filling it with her cum.

Sarah slumped back on the bed, covered with a sheen of sweat, and spat out the shoe in her mouth. She kept the pump in her pussy for a little while longer whisk her breath recovered, then removed it with a wet slurp.

"Wow," she said to herself, "that was amazing!" She smiled to herself, as she realised what to do about Ben. Nothing, she decided. She would keep his secret and leave him little treats as a thank you for opening her eyes to the fun that could be had with shoes.

Chapter 2
Sarah woke up the next morning hornier than ever. Opening her eyes she spotted her red pumps that she had left on her bed the night before. She grinned as she remembered her fun, picked up the shoe she had used as a gag and began licking and sucking on it, before shoving it deep between her legs. She fucked herself with the shoe, making herself cum quickly before settling back with a smile on her face. "I am so going to treat Ben tonight," she thought to herself as she got up out of bed and headed to the shower, "I'll leave some nice shoes for him to play with."

She finished her shower, got dressed and then stood in front of her shoe collection, trying to decide which shoes to wear for Ben. She finally decided on her black patent peep toe platforms with a 5 inch heel. "These will be perfect," she said to herself as she slipped them on, "I am sure Ben will love them!"

As usual, Sarah left for work without seeing either Ben or Aryana but before leaving the house she retrieved her black pumps from the living room - she had plans for those tonight.

The day passed quite slowly - Sarah couldn't focus - all she could think of was the night before and giving Ben his gift tonight, but soon enough the day was over and she walked through the front door at home. Greeting the kids as she entered, she was gratified to see Ben in his usual spot on the couch. She was even more excited to see his eyes go wide at her choice of footwear.

Sarah teased Ben all evening - she would rub her heels together so that the patent would squeak, she would deliberately cross her legs in front of him and rest her hand on one shoe, and all the time she could sense he was watching. She also noticed him watching his sisters chucks. "Hmmm," she thought, "I might have to make sure he gets access to those!"

Finally she kicked off her heels in front of him and, saying goodnight, walked out of the room with Aryana.

This is the moment Ben had been waiting for all evening. His stepmother had come home from work with her gorgeous peep toe platforms on and had driven him wild all night. It was as if she knew what she was doing! He was in such a state of excitement by the time she left the room that he didn't wait as long as he normally would. He had to have those shoes! Kneeling next to them he grabbed the right shoe and immediately started licking and sucking on it, his free hand rubbing his cock through his pants, his tongue darting through the peep toe and licking the interior.

Sarah went upstairs, changed into her pyjamas and snuck back down again to watch. By the time she reached the door and peered through he was on his knees with one of her pumps in his hand. He was busily licking the shiny black patent and she could see his saliva leaving streaks on the leather. As she watched, her hand slid down the front of her shorts and she fingered herself. By now Ben was really into it and she could see his erection straining at his pants. "That's it, baby," she whispered as he fumbled with his zipper, "get your huge cock out and fuck my shoes!"

Ben dropped his pants, freeing the largest erection he'd had and wasted no time in shoving it into his step mums shoe.

"Oh yes," Sarah whispered from the shadows behind the door, "fuck them baby!"

Ben took his cock out of her shoe and to Sarah's surprise and delight, he turned it around and was able to push it through the peep toe. He began pumping her shoe hard, Sarah's hand matching his pace so that when he came, she did too, her legs buckling a little.

As Ben recovered, Sarah slipped away upstairs, locking her door behind her she stripped naked and went straight to her walk in robe. "Hmmm," she thought to herself, "I think he will like these for tomorrow," she slipped her bare feet into her nude patent pumps, "yes I think he will like these," she giggled and picked up her black pumps that Ben had used the previous night. She lay on the bed, still with her nude heels on, and started fingering herself while looking at her black pumps. She could see where his cum had dried and just the thought caused a surge through her pussy. She kissed and licked the shoe, the thought of her tongue being so close to where bens cock had been enough to almost bring her to a climax. Quickly she took the other pump and slid it into her wet pussy while she continued to lick and suck on it's partner. She pumped her shoe in and out, her pussy making wet slurping sounds around the black patent leather. Taking her shoe from her mouth, she looked at the stain again and wondered, "do I dare?" Her tongue darted out into the insole and she tasted her stepsons dried cum. The sheer naughtiness brought her to a multiple orgasm and she flood her shoe with her cum, her juices squirting around it and onto the sheets.

Sarah lay back and relaxed, enjoying the afterglow, and drifted off to sleep with her pump still inside her.

Chapter 3

Sarah awoke and discovered the shoe had slid out at some point during the night, but she still had her nude pumps on and the black pumps were still on the bed. She giggled to herself and gave herself a quickie with her other black pump before getting out of bed getting ready for work. She had a feeling she was not going to be able to concentrate again.

The day passed as expected, the presence of her nude pumps on her feet keeping her horny all day. A couple of times she disappeared into the ladies toilet to satisfy herself, but all the time looking forward to the evening.

Finally Sarah walked into the house and went to see what Ben thought of her heels. His face said it all, as did the bulge in his pants.

She passed the evening as the previous, with lots of teasing to ensure he was nice and excited. Again, he kept stealing looks at his sisters sneakers and Sarah renewed her pledge to get him access to them. Besides, she really wanted to see him kissing and licking them, and really wanted to see his cock in one of them. Those cute little chucks really needed filling with cum, and if she was honest with herself, she wanted to try one inside of her too.

Eventually Aryana went to bed, leaving Sarah alone with Ben. Instead of kicking her heels off, she turned to him and steeled herself for the conversation to come.

"Ben," she said, "I have something to tell you."

Ben looked up from her feet but said nothing.

"I know about your secret," she said, not missing the look of alarm that crossed his face, "no, no," she said hurriedly, "it's ok, really!"

Ben looked forlorn. The worst had happened - his step mother had discovered his perversion.

"In fact I have a secret of my own to tell you," she said, "you see, I have watched you these last two nights and really liked what I saw."

"Really?" He asked, looking doubtful.

"Yeah," she smiled, "why do you think I have been teasing you with my shoes? It really turned me on."

Ben wasn't sure how to feel at this stage, the panic of being found out was mixing with the shame of having been watched. But there was excitement there too.

"I've never seen anything like that before," she went on, "and to be honest I was worried about you, so I did some googling. Well one thing led to another and I ended up using my red pumps on myself."

Ben couldn't believe his ears. His step mother had actually had sex with a pair of shoes!

"Yeah," she said, understanding the look on his face, "and not just once either. I did my black pumps last night too, while I wore these," she looked at her feet. She looked up and saw the bulge in his pants had grown, "hmmmn," she said, "looks like someone wants to play with these," she smiled. "No don't," she said as Ben went to cover his erection, "you don't need to hide it from me," she slipped her shoes off her feet and handed them to him, "why don't you have a taste of my pretty pumps?"

Ben was embarrassed but the nude pumps in his hands were driving him wild. He lifted one to his mouth and licked the toe, and everything else melted away. His hand began to rub his cock through his pants as he licked and sucked on his step mothers shoe. He looked up briefly and saw that she was watching intently, one hand rubbing her panties.

"That's it baby," she said whispered, "lick my lovely shoe."

Ben was getting close to cumming so he eased off.

"Why don't you slip him into my shoe," Sarah urged, nodding at his erection, "remember I've seen him before."

"I don't know," Ben began.

"Go on," she urged, "I want you to fuck my pretty pump."

This was too much for Ben. He scrabbled for his pants, dropping them and revealing his huge erection. He quickly slid his stepmothers shoe over it and began pumping it.

"Oh yes," Sarah murmured, "fill my pump with your cum"

Ben couldn't help himself - he came quicker and more copiously than ever before.

When he opened his eyes his stepmother was sitting and looking at him tenderly, "that was lovely baby," she said, taking the pumps out of his hands, marvelling at the quantity of the cum. She tilted the shoe around, allowing it to slide around and coat the inside. A thought occurred to her, so she slid the shoes back onto her feet. The cum squelched around her toes made her pussy shudder. "Oh, that feels good," she smiled.

"Now," she said, "before I go upstairs and finish off with these, I want you to know that I am happy for you to cum in all of my shoes, but I want to watch, ok?"

Ben nodded in agreement.

"I noticed you look at your sisters chucks," Ben nodded, "I'll make sure we get to play with them."

Ben grinned, "thanks mum," he said, "I thought you would hate me if you ever found out."

"Well I think we put that fear to rest," she smiled, "now I need to know - is there anything else you enjoy doing with shoes?"

"Well," he began, "I like getting them wet and messy too."

"How? She asked intrigued.

"Well," he began, "I've taken my shoes into the bath before. That's a lot of fun. I've always wanted to get them messy too but never been able too."

"Well we will have to change that," Sarah said, smiling, "won't we?"

Ben nodded eagerly, "that would be awesome!"

"What sort of messy would you like?" She asked intrigued.

"Food is my favourite," he said, "the naughtier the better."

"I think we can do that," Sarah smiled, "would you prefer it in my shoes, your sisters or your own?"

"All of them," he grinned.

"Ok then," she smiled, "when we are alone, how about I make a nice meal and serve it in our shoes? We can have main in your," she looked at his sneakers, "Superstars, desert in Aryana's chucks and drink from my pumps?"

Bens cock suddenly stood upright again.

"Wow!" She said, "it looks like someone likes that idea," she looked down at her pumps again, "I think my other shoe needs filling," she slipped the shoe off and slid it onto his cock, "fuck it for me baby."

Ben pumped the shoe on his cock, while his stepmother mother fingered herself some more. The thought of the meal she had was more than he could have dreamed of and it didn't take long before his cum was splashing the inside of her shoe.

"Wow baby," she purred, "both of my shoes in one night!" She slid the shoe from his cock and put pit back on her foot, again loving the feel of his cum.

"Ok," she smiled, "was there anything else you wanted to do?"

"There is one thing," he replied.

"And that is?" She asked.

"I like to see sneakers destroyed," he looked at her hopefully.

"Well that could get expensive," she began, "but I am sure we can do that too,". She looked down at Bens Adidas, "perhaps those could meet with an 'accident'," she grinned.

"That would be awesome," get grinned.

"Ok baby," she smiled, "I am going to go have some fun with these shoes," she stood up to leave.

"Mum?" Ben called as she headed to the door.

"Yes baby?" She looked over her shoulder,

"Can I watch?" He asked.

"Perhaps," she smiled, "but not tonight. I need to think on it."

"Ok," he said, "oh and thanks."

"My pleasure," she blew him a kiss and walked upstairs. She was really horny now and desperately needed one of her nude pumps inside of her.

She slipped into her room and slipped out of her clothes, her shoes still on her feet, she jumped into bed. She plunged two fingers into her soaking wet pussy and slid them in and out. The ideas she had running through her head after speaking with Ben were driving her wild. Quickly she slipped her heels off and plunged one into her mouth, the other deep into her pussy.

As she slid her shoe in and out she was thinking about Bens cock in her shoes, bubble baths with shoes and meals with shoes. She pictured herself cutting one of Bens sneakers to pieces while plunging one of her daughters chucks into her pussy. In the end it was too much for her - she came on her nude patent shoe in a huge gush, filling it with her juices.

"Wow," she thought, "I have some planning to do!" And with that she fell asleep.

Chapter 4

The next morning was similar to the previous two. She woke up face to face with a nude patent pump and immediately set about sucking on it. She quickly made herself cum with it and then looking at the clock, panicked until she realised it was her RDO. "Awesome!" She though, "a whole day to myself to play with shoes and try things out!" She grinned to herself, "but first I need to get Ben good and horny before he leaves." She got out of bed, dressed and then crossed to her walk in robe, "let's see," she thought, "what shall I have him cum in today? I know!" She grinned, taking her gold strappy sandals with a 5 inch heel, "this way, when I try out a bubble bath, I can keep the same shoes on all day"

She left the room and went downstairs. Aryana had left already but she found Ben in the kitchen having his breakfast.

"Hi baby," she smiled as she saw him.

Ben looked up from hi wheetbix and saw her shoes, "hi mum."

"You like?" She asked, twirling.

"Very much," he grinned.

"Good!" She grinned back, "I will let you cum in them tonight."

"Awesome!" He grinned back, "but can I lick them now?"

"Even better!" She unbuckled her shoe, slipped it off and handed it to him, "how about you use this as a spoon?"

Ben took the sandal and dipped it into his wheetbix, scooping some out and eating it. His hand was rubbing his cock through his pants.

"Hmmmn, you can't waste that!" Sarah smiled, "I'll be back in a second!" She hurried upstairs, returning a minute later with her hands behind her back.

"What have you got there?" Ben asked, licking more wheetbix out of the insole of his stepmothers gold sandal.
"Well," she grinned, "while the cats away," she brought Aryana's white chucks out from behind her back, "the mice will play with her sneakers!" She put them on the table in front of Ben who's mouth was hanging open. "Don't just sit there with you mouth open baby, get one of these cute sneakers in there!"

Ben dropped the sandal he was holding into his wheetbix and took on of his sisters sneakers. He'd wanted this for so long, he could believe it was now happening. He licked the toecap, a shudder running through him, then licked the sidewalls, followed by the label on the heel.

Sarah was rubbing her crotch, watching Ben enjoy his sisters chuck. She picked up her sandal and licked some of the wheetbix off, then she had a thought. A bad thought, that felt so good. Her eyes darted from the bowl to the sneaker and back again.

"I think your wheetbix might be tastier in another bowl," she grinned, picking up the bowl and scooping cereal out with her sandal into the white chuck. To get it all in she had to tip the sneaker up so that it ran down to the toe area. When it was full she smiled, "there, a much nicer bowl, but I think wheetbix tastes better with honey, how about you?" She grabbed the honey from the cupboard and a plate. She placed the wheetbix filled sneaker onto the plate, flipped the lid on the honey bottle and upended it over the cereal in the shoe. She squeezed the bottle and a dribble of honey ran into the wheetbix. She directed in a spiral, "May as well make Aryana's cute chucks nice and tasty too," she grinned, directing the flow of honey over the tongue and down the white laces, zig-zagging until it reached the toecap where she made it flow thicker and heavier.

"Now I think you better fuck your sisters shoe," she grinned.

Ben slid his pants down, showing his massive erection, before sliding the chuck onto it.

"Oh yeah," Sarah sighed, "that looks so good!"

Ben began pumping the sneaker on his cock, his head filling the toe of the small shoe.

"I think you need to fuck more of your sisters shoes," Sarah smiled, squeezing more honey on the messy sneaker, "and get them messy too!" She picked up her sandal and pushed it into the chuck, forcing the cereal down towards the toe and to overflow down the sides. Just then Ben came hard, his back arching and filling his sisters sneaker with cum.

"That was beautiful baby," Sarah smiled, "but you had better be going," she took the cum fill chuck from his hand," besides, it's my turn with your sisters cute sneaker!"

Ben did his pants up and hurried to the door. He didn't want to leave, but he also knew when he was onto a good thing. "Bye mum!" He said and hurried out.

Sarah slid her panties down, took he discarded chuck and began licking it. She dipped it into the honey and licked it off before plunging the toecap into her pussy. "Oh yeah, that feels so good," she sighed, the bumps and ridges around the toecap stimulating her pussy amazingly.

As she pumped it in and out she pulled the sandal out of the sneaker and smeared the contents on the outside of the chuck. This was too much for her and with one final thrust the sneaker was buried up to the first row of laces into her pussy. She gushed around it, soaking the white canvas and making a pool on the floor beneath her.

She sat back and sighed contentedly, the chuck still inside her, "hmmmn, I guess I better take these into the bath with me and clean them!" She took her sandal and licked it clean before sliding back onto her foot and buckling it up. She took the messy shoe over to the kitchen sink, careful to keep the chuck in place in her pussy, emptied the contents and gave it a cursory clean under the hot water tap. Finally she removed the chuck from her pussy and walked through to the bathroom. She dropped the sneakers into the tub and ran a bubble bath. "Hmm, I think I need a pair of pumps too!" She went back to her closet to choose a pair while the water was running, "well my heels I've been using could do with a clean I guess." She took the three pairs she had inserted over the past few days and headed back to the bath room.

By the time she reach the bath room the tub was full and Aryana's chucks were at the bottom of the tub. The thought of it made her shiver. She slipped out of her clothes and stood admiring herself in just her gold sandals, the three pairs of pumps lined up next to the tub.

"Here goes," she grinned, lifting her foot over the side of the bath and lowering it into the water. Her sandals flooded instantly, the feeling of wearing a shoe in the tub amazingly erotic. She lifted her other foot in and stood there, ankle deep in water, "oh that feels so good!" She smiled before sitting down in the tub.

She lifted her foot out of the water, fingering herself as she watched the bubbly water run off her sandalled foot, "I think I'm going to always wear shoes when I bathe now."

She hunted around the bottom of the tub and found Aryan's chucks, scrubbed them clean and inserted one into her pussy under the water. She pumped it in and out, loving the feel of wearing her sandals in the tub and her daughters chuck in her pussy.

"Oh god that feels so good!" She cried. Her hand groped over the side of the tub and found a pair of her pumps, bringing this into the tub and plunging them under water without looking. She grabbed the next pair and then the third until all three were floating in the water. She opened her eyes and came on the chuck.

She pulled the chuck out of her pussy slid one of her nude pumps in its place. Leaving it there she scrubbed her other pumps clean, inside and out. When she was finished she made herself cum on the pump in her pussy. Afterwards, she slid the pump out, cleaned it and replaced it with a black pump. When she had made herself cum on one of each colour, the water had begun to get cold.

She stood up, climbed out of the tub and towelled herself dry, leaving her sandals on throughout. She dressed and then took her pumps and Aryana's chucks outside and left them to dry. The day was warm and sunny so they would not take long.

She sat back in the kitchen and drank an orange juice, "well that's wet and messy, and we have played with Aryana's sneakers. That just leaves destruction to try out, but which shoes?" She pondered.

Sarah stood up and went upstairs to Bens room. She opened his closet door a looked at his sneakers, "hmmm," she thought, "I bet he would love it if he came home to find one of his sneakers in pieces, but which ones? Ooh!" She grinned, "it has to be his Superstars!" She pulled them out of the closet, "they are quite new and he did say the naughtier the better!" Her pussy twinged at the thought.

She took them back to her room and threw them on the bed while she went looking for something to cut them with. Soon she came back with a box cutter.

She stripped her clothes off again and got back onto the bed, sitting cross legged, picking up one of Bens sneakers as she did so, "hmmm, where to start?" She thought, turning the shoe around in her hand. She spotted the textured toe, "oh I bet that would feel good on my pussy!" She lay back, licked the toecap and started rubbing it on her clitoris. "Oh it does!" She laughed, rubbing harder.

As she rubbed, she looked at her sandals, "wonder what they would feel like inside me?" She reached down and fumbled with the buckle, unwilling to stop rubbing the superstar on her clitoris, "come on!" She growled, frustrated that she couldn't undo it. Out of the corner of her eye she spied the knife and her pussy spammed, squirting a small amount of cum out onto the sheets. She reached out and took the knife, extending the blade and resting it on one of the golden straps holding her foot captive.

"Dare I?" She wondered, "These were quite expensive and I've hardly worn them. But Ben said the naughtier the better," her pussy spammed again, as if in agreement. She bore down on the knife and it parted the soft leather strap with ease. Sarah came instantly, another squirt from her pussy soaking the sheets some more, "oh my," she sighed, cutting the strap on the other side of her shoe. This allowed the sandal to come free, just the ankle straps still buckled to her ankle. She slid the sandal into her pussy and started pumping, "hmmm feels good but I prefer my pumps."

Sarah cut the rest of the strap off her ankle, then turned her attention to her other shoe, cutting the ankle straps free and cumming each time she did so.

"Hmmmn," she smiled as she relaxed back, "I think I'll let Ben cut the rest of these up tonight."
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Re: Taboo Fiction

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More please.

Does she ever get him to watch slide one of her sexy shoes into her pussy???
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Re: Taboo Fiction

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Glad you liked it :)

Yep, he gets to see plenty of that :)
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Re: Taboo Fiction

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Do you know any real women that do that????
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Re: Taboo Fiction

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great story,
I was kinda hoping it get into her wearing them and letting cum on her shoes and feet,
fucking step mom kinda thing, looking forward to reading more great story
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Re: Taboo Fiction

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SEXISHOE100 wrote:Do you know any real women that do that????
You mean step mums and sons? No, but my wife plays with our shoes for me occasionally :)
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