Sneaker Fiction (renamed from Converse Fiction)

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Sneaker Fiction (renamed from Converse Fiction)

Post by Sudsey »

Edit - renamed because story contains way more sneakers than just converse now!

Inspired by the story in the blog I posted a week or so ago, I decided to write a story of my own. It's a little rough at the moment (doesn't even have a title), but it sure turned my wife on when she read it (let's just say one of my white monochrome chucks ended up soaked in both our cum).

Anyhow, here it goes...

Chapter 1

Beth and Lisa sat at each end of the three seater sofa, absent-mindedly eating soft serve vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips. Beth wasn't concentrating because she was complaining about her boyfriend again. Lisa wasn't concentrating for another reason entirely.

Sitting with her legs demurely folded under herself so that her pale yellow low top chucks rested on top of each other, Lisa's eyes darted from the tv to her friends feet. MTV were showing a Kelly Clarkson concert and she was now strutting around the stage doing her thing. Dressed in jeans and a a t-shirt, it was her black low top chucks that kept drawing Lisa's eye. Beth wasn't helping either - her feet were resting on a foot stool in front of her, her optical white low tops bright against the dark fabric of the stool.

The concert finished and Lisa's eyes became fixed on her friends chucks. She was saying something about her boyfriend not being any good in the sack but all Lisa could think about was how good those shoes would taste. "Hmmmn I'd love to lick those chucks," she thought to herself, squeaking her own shoes together. She was feeling a pleasant tingling between her legs when she was suddenly brought back to the present.

"What did you say about my shoes?" Her friend asked.

"What," Lisa asked, blushing furiously, "I didn't say anything!"

"Yes you did," she replied, intrigued, "you said you wanted to lick my chucks!"

"That's silly," Lisa insisted, "why would I say something like that?"

"Come on," her friend said, her boyfriend woes forgotten "we've been friends long enough for you to be honest with me."

Realising she wasn't going let this go she sighed. "Ok but I hope you won't feel anything less of me." Putting her ice cream down, Beth doing the same, Lisa turned towards her friend, her eyes lowered in shame, her left hand gripping her shoe unconsciously for comfort. "You know I have a thing for chucks?"

"Yes of course, you have hundreds of pairs, that's why I bought these - I liked yours so much."

"Well it goes further than that. They, um, they turn me on" Lisa stammered, blushing even more, but strangely feeling more turned on from sharing her biggest secret.

"What do you mean, like a fetish?" Her friend asked kindly.

"Well, I guess so but I never thought of it that way."

"Interesting," Beth said, "so what do you like to do with them?"

Lisa couldn't believe how well Beth was taking this and was beginning to calm down a bit. The spot between her legs wasn't though - she became aware that her panties were becoming wet. "Well, I like to look at them, touch them, lick and kiss them."

"Anything else?" Her friend asked, and Lisa was surprised to see Beth shudder slightly.

"Well, yes, you know," she said.

Beth looked down at her white sneakers still resting on the footstool. She seemed to be weighing something up, so Lisa let her think. Unfolding her legs and resting her feet on the floor, Lisa clasped her hands in her lap and awaited her friends verdict.

"You know Bobby and I have been having problems," Beth began after a short while, "well I have not been, you know, satisfied, for a long time."

Lisa nodded, encourage her friend to continue.

"So I was thinking... How about you show me?" With another shudder she swung her legs up so her chucks were in Lisa's lap. She bit her bottom lip and nodded to Lisa.

Lisa could believe what was happening. One moment she was embarrassed and scared she was going to lose a friend, the next her dreams were coming true! She looked down at the pristine white chucks in her lap. Beth squeaked them together, causing Lisa's crotch to twitch. She rested her hands on her friends feet and began to stroke them tenderly, her fingers tracing over the laces and the rubber sidewalls, a single finger tracing the bumps and ridges on the toes, before giving each shoe a loving squeeze.

Looking at Beth, Lisa licked two fingers before sliding then in-between the arch of her foot and the shoe, causing Beth's eyes to flutter and her hips to raise. The weight of her feet in Lisa's lap pushing on her already sensitive mound and eliciting her own gasp. As Lisa pushed her fingers in and out of the shoe, rubbing the arch of Beth's foot, Beth's hand moved down and began to rub on her the outside of her short orange sundress.

Seeing friend so into the moment, Lisa couldn't wait any longer - she had to have her friends chuck in her mouth. Lifting Beth's foot she brought the white sidewall to her mouth, her tongue reaching out and licking along the line. As she licked up towards the toe Beth's rubbing became more urgent. Lisa backed off, positioned the shoe so she had access to the label on the back of the shoe and kissed it tenderly. She changed position slightly so she was looking at the sole and then licked it all the way from the label to the toe. Looking into her friends eyes she opened her mouth and took the toe in, sucking it furiously. Just then her friend bucked, experiencing the first orgasm she'd had in months.

As Beth started to calm down Lisa started sucking on the toe of the next shoe, sending Beth rubbing again. Quickly bring her to a climax with her mouth on her friends white sneaker.

Lisa dropped her friends foot back into her lap and looked her smiling. Soon Beth opened her eyes "Oh my god, that was awesome!"

Lisa giggled, "I'm glad you enjoyed it!"

"Oh I did," Beth replied, "but what's next?"

"Well normally I would use one, you know?"

"Oh!" Beth exclaimed, "show me?"

Beth kicked her chucks off into Lisa's lap and pulled her legs back to watch.

Lisa shrugged her sodden undies off and lifted her own red dress up for access.

Taking the right shoe in her right hand, she licked the toe to make it nice and wet before bringing it down to her pussy. As she ran the bumps and ridges around the toe cap over her clitoris she began sucking on the toe of the left sneaker.

Beth watched, wide eyed while her friend made love to her white chucks, until she couldn't take it anymore - she had to try it for herself.

"Give me your chucks Lees, I gotta try that!"
Lisa kicked off her yellow chucks and handed them to Beth before going back to working on her clitoris.

Beth gingerly licked the toe of Lisa's chuck, deciding she liked the taste and sensation. Doing as her friend did, she shrugged herself out of her panties and began rubbing her clitoris with the moistened toecap. Licking the toecap of the other shoe she murmured, "this is delicious, but needs something"

Beth looked over her shoulder and grabbed the ice team bowl. Sitting it next to her on the couch so she could continue to rub her clitoris with one shoe, she dipped the toe into the softened ice cream, covering the rubber, before bringing it up to her mouth. "Hmmm you have to try this Lees!" She said and watched as her friend dipped a white chuck into her own ice cream.

"That's beautiful!" Lisa replied, "I can't believe I haven't tried this before!"

Watching her friend dipping her shoe into the ice cream and licking it over and over gave Beth her third orgasm. As she came she squeezed Lisa's yellow chuck and pushed it further into the ice cream, the toe submerging and ice cream flowing over the top and into the tongue area, coating the yellow canvas and bottom few rows of laces. Some of the runnier ice cream flowed past the tongue into the toe area of the shoe.

"Oh I'm sorry!" She exclaimed "I've made your shoe messy!"

Lisa looked up at her ice cream coated shoe and shrugged with a grin "my turn then!"

Lisa turned the white chuck she was holding and pushed the heel into her ice cream, using it like a spoon she scooped some dessert out in Beth's shoe before bringing it to her lips and slurping it noisily down.

Beth, wide eyed at seeing her new white shoe getting messy, continuing to rub her friends yellow chuck against her clitoris, came again, her juices squirting out and over the yellow canvas of Lisa's shoe. The canvas darkened wetly up to and over the laces.

Looking at the yellow chuck covered in ice cream she gave a grin of herself. Grabbing the chocolate sauce behind her she flipped off the lid and drizzled it over the ice cream covered shoe, starting at the toe and working up the tongue area, over the messy part and onto the pristine laces. Seeing the Allstar logo on the tongue, she had to cover it in chocolate. The weight of the sauce caused the tongue to droop, depositing chocolate into the heel area of the shoe.

Coming again on Lisa's shoe, soaking it even more, she looked up to see Lisa plunging her white chuck toe deep into her dripping pussy, her lips parting over the slick rubber, her juices flowing over the white canvas, darkening it with her own cum.

Both girls sat back, their chucks soaked with cum and messy with ice cream, their breath slowing but pussies still throbbing, neither moving nor daring to speak for some time.

"So what were you saying about having a non-existent sex life?" Lisa asked her friend.

Beth raised an eyebrow and both girls burst out laughing.

Chapter 2

"It looks like we have some cleaning up to do," Beth said after a while.

"Yeah, but the good thing," Beth raised an eyebrow, causing Lisa to laugh again, "ok, one of the good things about chucks," she continued, "is that you can throw them in the washing machine and they come out like new."

"I'm not sure about that chocolate sauce though," Beth apologised, "I'm sorry if I ruined them."

"That's ok," Lisa smiled at her friend, "it'll give me an excuse to buy a new pair!"

Lisa scooped up both pairs of chucks and the sodden, discarded undies and took them through to the washing machine. After a short while a clunking noise could be heard as the chucks started whirring around in the machine.

Beth sat thinking about what had happened and unconsciously her hand returned to her moist pussy. Slipping her shoulders free of her dress, she was able to gain access to her nipples, which she began to tease. Lost in the memory of her friends yellow chuck against her pussy she didn't notice Lisa standing at the doorway, watching.

"You still horny, huh?" Lisa asked, two pairs of chucks in her hands, both low tops, one bright orange pair, the other red. "I thought you might need a change of shoes so brought you my orange chucks to wear," she continued, handing Beth the chucks, "but it looks like you have other ideas!"

Beth giggled as she took one of the shoes and plunged it into her pussy like she had seen Lisa do earlier. The toecap disappeared into her, the bumps and ridges exciting her pussy as she withdrew it and pushed it in again. As she licked the other shoe all over, she fucked herself over and over, her wet pussy making a noisy sloshing sound.

Lisa looked at her friend and decided to be a little more adventurous. She sat next to Beth and, after moistening the soles of her red chucks with her tongue, started to massage her friends nipples, running the soles across the tops, stimulating her even further.

"Oh god, yes!!" Beth screamed, thrusting the orange chuck into her pussy with even more vigour.

Lisa grinned and moved the shoe in her right hand down to her friends pussy and began rubbing it on the clitoris as Beth continued to pump.

"Yes!" She cried, "more, more, more!!!" Suddenly her hips pushed up towards the red chuck as the orange shoe was pushed up to the laces into her pussy. Convulsing, she came in a huge way, her juices streaming out and soaking the orange shoe up to the tongue.

"Hmmm," Lisa said, "it looks like you got another of my shoes messy!"

"Sorry Lees," Beth began, "I don't know what came over me!"

"Don't be silly!" Lisa laughed, taking the soaked shoe from her friends hand. "They look great this way," she said, looking at the glistening shoe, "but they taste even better," and she began licking the wet areas.

Beth gaped as her friend licked her cum from the rubber toecap, the sight causing her pelvis to throb. Deciding it was only fair to help her friend, her fingers sought out Lisa's nipples. Sliding her hands inside Lisa's dressy she was able to flop the shoulder straps down while continuously squeezing and pulsating.

Lisa gasped and groped for a shoe to use on herself, but before she grab one, Beth's fingers slid into her pussy and began massaging her g-spot. Lisa's eyes opened wide - she had never realised she could feel this good.

"See Lees," her friend said, her thumb flicking Lisa's clitoris as she massaged, "I can teach you some things too!"

As Lisa's hips began to buck, Beth pulled her fingers out and pushed home one of the red low tops, the toe cap disappearing into her pussy as the final pulse came. Lisa's juices flowed out and over her shoe, the red canvas turning darker and glistening. Removing the shoe, Beth brought it up to her lips and licked, causing Lisa to buck one more time.

"Hmmm, I think I need to make you cum with the other one," Beth told Lisa, "it's the least I can do to thank you for this!"

Grabbing the other red sneaker, Beth leant over and began sucking on Lisa's nipple. As she sucked, her lips parted and her tongue lashed out to tickle the tip. Revelling in the sensations from her nipple Lisa closed her eyes and parted her legs. She gasped in pleasure as fingers invaded her once more, this time more gentle, a delicate touch on her g-spot.

Beth continued the delicate caress as she changed nipples, until she could tell that Lisa needed more. When Beth removed her fingers Lisa was disappointed. That is until she felt the cool rubber delicately touch the outside of her pussy. She drew in a breath between her slightly open mouth as the rubber toe of her chuck eased her lips apart. Slowly the chuck invaded her, filling her, making her want more.

Lisa uttered a quiet moan as Beth push the chuck in deeper, lifting it up so the ridged rubber pressed on her g-spot instead of her fingers. Lisa's eyes fluttered open and her mouth opened in a silent scream. It was then that Beth began exciting her clitoris with her fingers while moving the chuck the slightest amount, keeping the pressure on the g-spot. Quickly Lisa's hips bucked, even harder than last time. Her juices flowed over her red chuck, coating it almost entirely.

Lisa flopped back, the chuck still inside her, her eyes closed and panting hard. Beth sat back and smiled, waiting for her friend to recover, loving the look - her best friend with her dress up, legs apart, breasts exposed, and best of all, a bright red chuck buried in her pussy up to the laces. Even as she watched,some cum dripped off the soaked shoe and onto the sofa.

Presently Lisa recovered enough to look into her friends smiling face. Looking down, she removed the sneaker, and flopped back. "Oh man that was good!" She told her friend, "how did you know how to do that?"

"Well I guess when your boyfriend doesn't satisfy, you begin experimenting," Beth replied, "but I've never had so much fun. I definitely need to buy more chucks!"

"Hmmm," Lisa purred, "me too!"
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Re: Converse Fiction

Post by buff004 »

GREAT story!!!

Please write more!
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Re: Converse Fiction

Post by dtb305 »

wow! yes, def. write some more. maybe it could become a series as the characters play with their Keds, Asics, and more.
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Re: Converse Fiction

Post by chucko »

Wow! Phenomenal story!
I haven't posted on here before, but I'm the one who wrote the Converse High story on tumblr (converseandsex), and I love seeing other people writing their own stories too! Great writing, really sexy story, and awesome chucks!
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Re: Converse Fiction

Post by Sudsey »

Thanks guys! These girls are def chucks girls, but maybe I'll write more stories with other sneakers involved.
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Re: Converse Fiction

Post by tretornshoe »

Maybe Nike Frees. They are soft and very bendable. Would fit nicely up a nice young girls pussy.
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Re: Converse Fiction

Post by Sudsey »

I'm not a fan of those, but maybe Beth might experiment when she gets home with some other sneakers. I can see her soaking some asics in her cum :)

I'm on a big chucks kick at the moment tho, so they will be most prevalent.
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Re: Converse Fiction

Post by Someguyweirdo »

Keep the chucks going!!! This is great stuff!!!
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Re: Converse Fiction

Post by mymary54 »

Please, tell us what blog you refer to where you say a story was posted a week or so ago. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Converse Fiction

Post by Sudsey »

Chapter 3 is almost done. Features more chucks plus a little extra, as requested. Will post soon! :D
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