Japanese Uniform girls footsie in heels

Girls playing footsie in shoes and boots, under the table, in bed and anywhere else. Situations where their shoes come in contact with each other. Flirting at the dinner table, wrestling, stepping on each other's shoes during a catfight or any other reason.

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Re: Japanese Uniform girls footsie in heels

Post by Shoeplay Girl »

Can you guys see those images?

All I get is a link which takes you to an external site where you see the pic individually there. I'd really like to find a way of having the pics be viewable in this forum without having to click away, if anyone can let me know how that can be done it would be amazing :-)
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Re: Japanese Uniform girls footsie in heels

Post by CP87 »

I think that depends on the photo host site. Also very hot pics. I really like your profile pic too
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Re: Japanese Uniform girls footsie in heels

Post by Wetshoe »

I can see the images. I tried using the img tag to embed one of them but it didnt work. The host probably blocks it. I think if you use something like dropbox you may be able to embed.
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