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New here!

Post by shoeprincess86 »

Hi everyone,

My name is Hannah - AKA Shoeprincess :wink:

I am brand new to this site and public foot and shoe fetish things, but not new to the foot and shoe fetish life. I have been with my husband for over 20 years now and we regularly enjoy foot and shoe play in our sex life among other things. It was something we kept very private and didn't share with anyone. None of my girlfriends know and none of his guyfriend know.

I knew I had a fetish fairly early on in my life, I remember having my first orgasm with a pair of medium heel court shoes at a christening when I was about 12. I was looking at some of the other women's shoes during the ceremony and felt very aroused. When we went back to their house afterwards most people took off their shoes when they went inside. Right next to their front door was a downstairs bathroom and the door was slightly open. I kicked a woman's pumps through the gap in the door and then quickly went in after them locking the door behind me. I had no idea what I was doing I just knew I wanted to touch her shoes and myself. I lifted up my dress and put my hand down my tights and started to play with myself. I was very wet.
I picked up one of her shoes and could see they were well used. As soon as I was holding it I felt a rush of excitement. I held it up closer to my face so I could see into the toe area and could smell her perfumed but sweaty feet. A few seconds later I was having my first orgasm, it was such a good feeling.

Over the course of the next few years I would find myself staring at other woman's shoes and feet constantly. Friends, their mums, total strangers anyone. School was the best for this though, it was 2002, It was our final year at school so 15/16 we were in the same year but we didn't really know each other, but he had noticed me sneaking back inside for a few weeks every time we had P.E. He didn't say anything the first time but as I did this almost every time he finally followed me one day to find out what I was doing. He waited for a few minutes and then came running into the changing room to try and catch me out, he thought I was stealing form the other girls. What he saw was me in my P.E kit and my school shoes smelling one of the others girls shoes while rubbing another on my clit through my shorts. I screamed, went bright red and chucked one of the shoes I was holding at him, he looked horrified, ducked and ran out. It turns out neither of us went to P.E that day and he actually skipped the rest of the day and went home. I was panicking the whole time thinking he was going to tell on my and everyone would think I was a weird loser.
The next day I didn't go in, I couldn't face it and assumed I was going to be in so much trouble. After school, he turned up at my house, my parents were still at work so when he knocked I just opened it without thinking. He asked me not to chuck anything at him and said he promised he wouldn't tell anyone what he saw and walked off. I hurried after him and got him to come in so we could talk. I told him everything and he just sat there and didn't say anything. When I was done, he picked up one of my school shoes and gave it a sniff and shrugged, but watching him to that was a massive turn on for me. I asked him what he liked, he went bright red and refused to tell me. After about 10 minutes of pestering he mumbles "wearing tights". I was expecting something like big boobs or something generic. I asked him if he would like a pair of mine to wear as he probably only had access to his mums and that might not be the best. He nodded so I went to get him a pair. I gave him the ones I wore the day before and his face lit up!
He knew my secret and I knew his. We started to hand out most evenings and weekends after that. My parents were going away one Friday and wouldn't be back till the Sunday evening so I suggested we do a film night at mine on the Saturday after spending the day together. We had flirted a little by now holding hands and such but that was it.
He arrived at mine early on Saturday and we were going to walk into town and look around the shops and pick up a DVD to watch that night. We talked and he noticed me staring every other woman's shoes and at all the shoe shops. We went in some and I got to try a few pairs on but didn't buy any this time.
When we got back to mine it was just us in this whole house and we were not going to be bothered by anyone. I had wanted to see him wear my tights ever since I gave him a pair. I told him I was going to get changed and he should do the same, he looked confused at first but followed me upstairs. I handed him another pair of tights that I had worn all week and told him to take his jeans off and put those on. It took a little reassuring that we were defiantly alone but he eventually went into the bathroom and put them on. When he came out I was stood there in a small vest top, denim skirt and a pair of my mums high heel wooden mules. I miss those mules so much! His jaw dropped as he stood there in nothing but a pair of my tights and a t-shirt. I could see he had a hard on too. I kissed him then and didn't let go. It was kind of awkward at first because he wasn't expecting it but then he relaxed and started kissing me back. My hands moved down his back and to his thighs were I could feel my tights. I asked him if he was enjoying wearing in them and he nodded. He asked me if I was enjoying wearing my mums shoes so I moved his hand under my skirt and let him feel my nickers which were soaking wet.
After a lot more fumbling around and multiple orgasms on both sides (some intentional some premature haha) we decided to officially date and 20 odd years later, here we are!
We have been together ever since and had lots of fun together. Mad stories of silly things we have done and how our preferences and fetish's have grown together.
We will share more stories with time and can't wait to see what everyone else has been up to!
As we kept this part of out lives very hidden we never really looked online to see what other people we doing and what was out there. Hopefully we can inspire others and they can do the same for us.

**Not too sure if we are comfortable uploading pics of us at the moment but that may change over time.
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Re: New here!

Post by Steel440 »

Very nice, I look forward to reading more!
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Re: New here!

Post by goldcat »

So great that you found each other early on and was able to explore your sexuality together in an open way.

I’ve been turned on by women’s shoes since childhood and spent most of my life thinking I was weird with something seriously wrong with me.

Whilst I was lucky enough to forge plenty of relationships with girlfriends, I was never able to bring up my fetish to them.

It wasn’t to the early 2000’s that I found online that shoe fetish was even a thing, but by then I’d been with current girlfriend who I then married for about 5 years.

So I’m now middle aged and only able to speak online here about this fetish, it’s still to all intents a big dark secret I keep within me.

What I would urge, especially to the younger people on here, bring your fetishs into the conversation early on with partners, don’t leave it till you find yourself half way through your life, have fun with it and grow together like the op here.
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Re: New here!

Post by tintinheels »

I met my girlfriend ten years ago, she’s now my wife. I literally told her within weeks. We’ve been married eight years now and going strong. She even lets me borrow out her high heel shoes and boots to guy’s to Cum in and over because she knows it drives me wild and makes me so hard! It’s amazing to be with someone who totally gets you and wants to please you. I even have a friend who every year around Christmas time meets up in the hotel we stay in London, to cum in/over her shoes/boots, which she then wears for me all night long. It’s so much fun, totally fantastic experience every time!! 😈👠💦💦
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Re: New here!

Post by footguy1971 »

Welcome. We are so glad you shared that with us. Would love to here more about you loving other women's shoes, if you do, to masturbate yourself with.
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Re: New here!

Post by H_sahota »

Really enjoyed reading your first post! So glad to have you here and can’t wait to see more!!
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Re: New here!

Post by davestratford1 »

Wow. Thats great that it turned into what I can imagine to be a very caring and understanding long term relationship. I too was at school in those years, but think my shyness missed an opportunity with a friend at the time. I used to tease her by always taking her 2.5 inch block heels off when we were sat next to each other in class. We would talk about her shoes, she would always dip and dangle them and she was very keen to ask me about masterbation. But alas the she me, thinking I was wierd probably lost out there. I still think about her to this day. On the upside I now have more shoes from the 00's than I know what to do with. And a few pairs that I naughtily acquired from back then.
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Re: New here!

Post by Fe_Lins »

Hey girl, welcome. Loved your story, i got myself into this fetish when i was a teenager with my bf and i've been enjoying that since then, looking forward to read your posts!!
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Re: New here!

Post by kedsandlouboutins »

Incredible story
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Re: New here!

Post by fredestein »

Enjoy being here and enjoy life!
Story was awesome!!!!!!!!!
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