Trashed sneakers on Tiktok

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Trashed sneakers on Tiktok

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Hello, I am a huge fan of trashed sneakers-the more worn the better. I have been scouring Tiktok videos, and have found a few search words that come up with girls (teens, college students) showing off their trashed sneaks, and wanted to share for those with the same interest:
"Frat shoes": Girls in college showing off their trashed sneakers they wear to frat parties (mostly AF1s and chucks), as well as sometimes throwing them away or cleaning them.
"Jerusalem shoes": Trend where girls show off their most worn out sneakers, lip synching to a guy who originally posted his sandals to GQ stating they had been through Jerusalem.
"Barn shoes": Girls showing off sneakers they wear while taking care of horses, and are usually dirty and trashed.
Let me know if you have any of your own search keywords.
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Re: Trashed sneakers on Tiktok

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Hey mate I'm beazfithy on tictok

I have my favorites not on private so u can see what I have liked , I suggest u do the same so we can all find good content that way as well
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Re: Trashed sneakers on Tiktok

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