Small story

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Re: Small story

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Great story!!

Love the end with the air max :)

Hope we can get a new story soon 🙏🏼

heyheyhey55555 wrote: Wed May 19, 2021 7:42 am
scf2278 wrote: Tue May 18, 2021 10:48 am Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll see what I can do with them!
But before all that, here is another part of the story!

Maddy was awaiting Jake in the hallway. She was looking at the white, low top chucks on her feet, thinking about all the bodily fluids they had collected. As she was getting moist again, Jake appeared. “All set?” He asked. Maddy snapped out of her thoughts and they went to the car. It had been a while since Maddy went to the movies and they both felt like it so they thought, why not? It was a bit of a drive but it gave them some time to decide what movie they were going to see.

Once arrived, they obviously hadn’t decided yet and spent a good few minutes in front of the programming, still thinking what they want to see. Eventually, they agreed on a horror movie, knowing they both get scared easily and thought that would be fun. After walking through the small snack shop and getting the sweats seeing the prices, they agreed a bottle of water each would be enough and made their way to the designated room. To their delight, it was one of the smaller rooms with about 20-30 seats. What was even better is that hardly any people joined so, including Jake and Maddy, there were about 8 people present, all spread across the seats and Maddy and Jake already started to feel ‘something’ coming.

The lights went out and the commercials started. As if it was planned, the first commercial was about converse sneakers and they both looked attentively to see if perhaps there was a new pair they wanted to… use. After about 3 commercials, Jake felt a nudge from Maddy. He turned, whispering what was the matter before only after a moment, because it was very dark, he saw Maddy had removed one of her low top chucks and was offering it to him.
Jake’s cock immediately was sent upward as he looked around subtly to see if anyone was looking at them. The few people present could hardly notice anyone in the dark room and Jake silently slid down his pants a little. Maddy chuckled softly and slid her warm converse on Jake’s cock, getting his tip deep so it was pressing in the toe area and cupping his balls in the heel. Jake exhaled strongly out of his nose, trying to stay as silent as possible while his rock hard cock entered the low top chuck, warm and moist from Maddy wearing it. He took his sweater, placing it so he could quickly cover up the chuck he was wearing on his cock in case of an emergency. Maddy took the other chuck and pressed it between her breasts while softly stroking Jake’s cock through the canvas, feeling how it kept hard inside her chuck.

They watched the movie and, more unconsciously, Maddy kept stroking the chuck on Jake’s cock while pressing the other between her breasts. During the break, Jake got his sweater over his crotch while Maddy pretended she was cold and used her jacket as a blanket so nobody would notice what they were doing. When the lights went out again, they resumed their activities, Maddy keeping Jake on edge but not letting him blow his load…yet.

In true horror movie style, it ended with a final jump scare. Maddy, who was still stroking Jake’s cock through the canvas of her chuck, never saw it coming and almost jumped 3 meters high, while clenching her fists. One of her fists wrapped itself around the chuck in which Jake’s erect member was still buried however. And Jake had been on edge during the entire movie, his balls extremely full and dying to explode. Maddy clenching her fist around it was more then enough for him to release his orgasm which had been building up all that time. Maddy kept her hand around the chuck, feeling how thick wads of white, sticky cum got blasted inside in enormous quantities. For a second, Maddy thought he was going to shoot a hole straight through her sneaker with the sheer force of his cumshot.

Maddy took the chuck off Jake’s cock, squeezing every last drop out in her chucks, before the lights went on. Just in time, Jake had been able to pull up his pants while Maddy took the other chuck from between her breasts and they went on their way back home. Maddy wearing the freshly filled chuck on her foot, her pussy tingling as the felt the warm cum.

Immediately as the car drove off the parking lot, Maddy got her foot out of the cum-filled chuck, got rid of her trousers and thrusted her chuck inside her dripping pussy. It nearly released all of her juices but she didn’t want to mess up Jake’s car so she just kept sliding it inside herself until only the laces were hanging out of it.
“Ah, fucking hell” Jake grumbled about 10 minutes in the trip home. “What’s wrong babe?” Maddy asked with a concerned look on her face. “should have gone to the bathroom before we left. Still quite a way home.” He answered while clenching his legs a bit. He was already thinking about just quickly stopping on the side of the road when Maddy said: “Hold on, let me get something.” She loosened her seatbelt and turned to the backseat, where she was rummaging in her bag. She could feel the cum-filled chuck deep inside herself and almost orgasmed in the car again. “I’ll just stop here” Jake said when Maddy turned around again. “You’ll do no such thing!” She said. “Look, I’ll be quick. Just a-“ He swallowed his words again when he saw that Maddy had taken a pair of her stan smith’s out of her bag.

“Just focus on the driving, and I’ll… relieve you” Maddy said. Just get your hips up slightly so I can get your pants down a little. Jake didn’t have to think twice and moved as much as he could while not driving dangerously while Maddy, carful not to disturb him, took down his pants. By the time they got all that done, Jakes cock was standing fully erect again. Maddy looked with raised eyebrow. “We’ll have to get that one down again first.” And she started jerking him off, holding the adidas stan smith open at the tip of Jake’s dick. Jake was now doing his utter best to drive as safely as possible, clenching his hands on the steering wheel and, before long, shot another load which Maddy aimed in her stan smith sneaker.

Jake sighed deeply as recovered from another huge load he just released in one of Maddy’s sneakers and relaxed himself a bit. Maddy kept hold of Jake’s cock which was getting flaccid now, keeping the stan smith in place to receive another filling. Pretty soon, droplets of pee dribbled out and not long after that, Jake sighed of relief as the stress from his bladder got released and good stream of piss was now flowing in Maddy’s adidas stan smith sneaker, mixing with the cum.

Not wanting to spill piss all inside the car. Maddy told Jake to stop for a second when her stan smith sneaker was ¾ filed with piss. She carefully clenched it between her legs, holding it in place while once again aiming Jake’s cock in the other adidas stan smith which immediately started filling up as well. Once that one was about halfway filled, Jake’s stream of pee started dying before stopping completely.
Jake sighed deeply again. “aaaah, thanks babe.” Maddy was looking at her lap, where the pair of pissed adidas stan smith were standing, keeping them from spilling. “Anytime” She smiled. Maddy could feel how the sneakers were getting warmer from the warm, golden liquid which was sloshing around inside of them. Each second a battle not to furiously start thrusting the chuck she still had inside her.

Once arrived, Jake quickly ran inside with his pants still off, followed by Maddy who was walking as fast as she could with the chuck still deep inside her, holding the stan smiths. Maddy had been refraining herself long enough now and she took off the chuck she was still wearing, placing it on the floor between her legs with the pair of stan smiths. She took the cum filled chuck from inside her pussy out till about halfway before thrusting it back in furiously. She screamed, took the chuck out completely and just like somebody had emptied a bucket, her cum clattered down on the sneakers between her legs. Her knees started shaking by the force she was spraying her cum all over those 3 sneakers. Her screams of pleasure were now muffled because the chuck she had been wearing inside of her was now stuffed inside her mouth, Maddy sucking and licking on it's salty flavour.

“Looks like you needed that.” Jake chuckled with Maddy’s only reply being a wide smile with a chuck in her mouth. After she stopped adding to the puddle of cum between her feet, Maddy knelt down, held the stan smith Jake managed to fill ¾ open and started adding her golden liquid to it. Once that one was filled to the edges, she moved on to the next one and filled that one completely as well. She wasn’t done however and managed to fill the chuck for a great deal as well. They left the sneakers to mellow in the bodily fluids and made their way to bed, Maddy still sucking on the chuck like a pacifier.

Once undressed and in bed, they started cuddling. Jake taking the other end of the chuck on which Maddy was sucking in his mouth and doing the same thing she was. The chuck tasting salty from Maddy’s pussy. It didn’t take long of course before his cock started rising up again and was pressing against Maddy. She moved herself on top of Jake, both of them keeping their respective end of the chuck in their mouth, and started fucking. They moaned, panted and sucked on the chuck while Jake was thrusting deep inside Maddy’s pussy. Even with all the sneakers that had been inside her, she still felt tight. Maddy set her nails in the back of Jake’s shoulders as she bit down on the chuck and orgasmed on Jake’s cock. Jake feeling Maddy tightening on his member didn’t even notice she was seriously clawing him and reached his own orgasm, pumping deep inside of Maddy.

Jake still had his cock inside Maddy who had taken the chuck in their mouth for herself again and was laying on top of Jake, sucking the chuck like a little baby, the occasional moan escaping from her lips. “All right, time for some sleep.” Jake said after a while. Maddy took the chuck from her mouth and yawned, nodding agreeingly with Jake. She slid the chuck back up her cunt, some cum from Jake running down the side of it. “This is for me” She said while the chuck gently disappeared completely. “And this…” She reached next to the bed “Is for you.” She said while sliding Jake’s cock in one of her Nike air max’s. They kissed goodnight and fell asleep. Most likely dreaming from sneakers.
Hot, looking forward to the next part.
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Re: Small story

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Still hoping to see another chapter, any updates?
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Re: Small story

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:) I'd also love to see another chapter :)
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Re: Small story

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Same, love to see more with the gym girl.
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Re: Small story

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Hoffe es geht bald weiter , sehr geile Geschichten ;)
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Re: Small story

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Can't wait for more!
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Re: Small story

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Eagerly awaiting next chapter!!!
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Re: Small story

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Hey everyone! Been a while since I posted something but things have been a bit busy to write. I'm trying to continue the story as much as possible.
Here's a next chapter to try and get you all in the mood again :wink:

Maddy and Jake were driving to the supermarket. Today was grocery day. They day had started extremely well for Maddy because when she woke up, The room was laden with shoeboxes. Jake had surprised her with an array of new sneakers for them to enjoy. Among them was a new pair of black and white old skool vans since Maddy’s pair was reduced to ashes and Jake rather liked having his cock them.

Knowing that and wanting to reward Jake for his surprise, Maddy of course stuffed his cock deep inside her new vans before starting to suck them and giving Jake a sneaker-blowjob. As Maddy sat in the car, thinking about that, she wiggled her toes in the warm, sticky load Jake had blasted in the toe area. Her eyes dartled to her left foot where the canvas of the toe was darkened a bit as a result of rubbing it on her clit while sucking off Jake with her vans sneaker.

She looked up and started looking around on their trip to get groceries when she grabbed Jake’s arm. “Pull over!” She said. Jake was startled and quickly set the car aside. “Why? What’s wrong?” He asked.
Maddy didn’t say a word and just pointed. “Huh? Who’s that?” Jake asked when he looked at the person Maddy was pointing her finger at. Maddy kept silent for a moment before talking. “She’s the one who burned my Jordan’s!”

Jake then recognized the girl as the bitch from the gym whose sneakers they ‘handled’. “I still have a bone to pick with her” Maddy said. “And it looks like she’s going to the gym again. “Perfect timing wouldn’t you say?” She continued. Jake turned off the engine and looked at Maddy. “Shall we?” He asked and they walked over to the gym, ready to get some revenge.

They carefully went to the locker room, making sure the little bitch wouldn’t walk in on them and started looking around. “Gotcha!” Maddy said when her eyes fell on the same bag she had last time. Inside was a worn but still good looking pair of white Nike blazer mid’s. Maddy grabbed and sort of hugged them. “Oh I’ve always wanted a pair of these!”. She took a deep sniff of the Nike’s and softly rubbed the left one over her body.
“Well… Why don’t you just take them?” Jake shrugged. Maddy looked at Jake, then back to the Nike blazers. “Not like this! You take of your pants so you can fill one before I wear them.”

Maddy didn’t have to say that again, Jake stood pants down, cock up next to Maddy as she took a seat. She was about to slide Jake’s rock hard member in the left Nike when she had a change of thought. Instead of getting Jake’s cock inside, she kicked off her vans, slid her feet in the Nike’s and placed her feet with the soles against one another before taking Jake’s cock in her mouth.
Maddy made sure her feet were directly underneath her mouth where she was bobbing on Jake’s cock who had his eyes closed in pleasure. He had taken one of Maddy vans which she had kicked off to sniff while feeling his cock entering and exiting Maddy’s mouth. It still smelled very new but already had a slight scent of Maddy clinging to it.

It didn’t take long before Maddy was drooling spit down her chin, dripping on the Nike’s she was wearing. Jake heard the droplets hitting the canvas which resulted in his cock twitching, sending a blast of precum in Maddy’s mouth. Of course, that resulted in even moor drool, combined with precum, getting on the sneakers which got them in a vicious circle of Maddy slopping drool and precum on the Nike’s and Jake sending more precum in Maddy’s mouth to get on the Nikes.

Maddy took out Jake's cock of her mouth for a brief moment so she could catch a breath while spitting some more on the Nike’s on her feet. Right before she got back to business she looked up at Jake who was sniffing Maddy’s left old skool vans sneaker. “Just tell me when.” She said and started sucking Jake off again. The Nike blazers on Maddy’s feet were now getting soaked well and Maddy felt the moisture seeping through the canvas, getting her bare feet a bit wet.

Maddy kept expertly sucking Jake, occasionally dropping a mouthful of drool and precum on the Nike blazers. A small puddle was starting to form when Jake felt his moment nearing. “Oh babe, I’m coming.” He said and Maddy quickly stopped sucking and raised her feet. Jake aimed cock to the Nike’s on Maddy’s feet, gave it two strokes and started unloading thick, sticky, loads of cum on them. After blasting some wads on the left one, Jake switched to the right one to get that one covered in cum as well.

When the last droplets of cum fell on the toe of the right sneaker, he looked to admire his work. Both left and right were covered in a good load of cum. “People are going to notice that.” He said as he saw how much cum he sprayed on the Nike’s which now belonged to Maddy. Maddy looked at Jake’s handywork and agreed. So she started rubbing the cum all over the sneakers so it was spread thin but over the entire sneaker. “There.” She chuckled. “Now they’re just ‘wet’.” And she wiped off her hands with the vans sneaker Jake had been sniffing.
Maddy looked at her new vans old skool sneakers when she lifted her skirt and lowered her panties. Jake looked wide eyed when he saw how Maddy took out a white chuck out of her pussy. “Didn’t feel like taking it out this morning.” Maddy shrugged when the soaked chuck was completely out of her pussy. “And I don’t feel like leaving my new vans here.” With those words, Maddy slid the vans sneaker she had just used as a handwipe gently inside her until it was completely gone. After that, she placed the other vans in her panties before pulling them up, pressing the sneaker against her filled, dripping pussy. After all that, she lowered her skirt again, stood up (cum soaked chuck in hand) and looked at a wide eyed Jake. “All set?” She said and went to the exit. Stolen cummed and drool soaked Nike blazer mid’s on her feet, vans old skool used as cumrag completely inside her pussy with its partner stuffed in her panties. Jake’s cock was already starting to pulsate again as Maddy walked. Another twitch was sent through it as without even a second thought, Maddy threw the converse chuck in some sort of barrel the owner of the gym always kept a little fire in for god knows what reason. She didn’t even stood by to watch it burn but just threw it in the barrel as she walked by, not caring about her chuck that was getting reduced to charred remains.

And just like that, they continued on their little trip to the supermarket. Wondering if anyone would notice that the Nike’s Maddy was now wearing were actually covered in all sorts of bodily fluids.

When returning home, Maddy couldn’t keep her eyes of the Nike’s. She actually really liked them. She was sitting in the couch, eyes fixed on them in some kind of trance, imagining all sorts of things she could do with them.
She snapped out of it when Jake asked when she needed to go to work and looked at the clock. “Shit, in 10 minutes.” She quickly stood up, kissed Jake goodbye and left for work. Maddy left in such a hurry she didn’t even notice she was still ‘wearing’ the vans sneakers inside her pussy and panties. Knowing she was already late and was going to be even more late if she went back, she just left them and continued to work, knowing she’d be able to take them out there.

Maddy arrived a little late and saw Elise busy working already. To Maddy’s surprise, Elise was wearing Julie’s blue, low top chucks that were getting cum treatment for Maddy to wear them. And Maddy would be lying if she’d say it didn’t turn her on.

Maddy went to the back, made sure nobody would drop in on her and relieved herself from the vans sneakers. They were completely soaked in her juices and it made her decide to wear them for work. She slid her feet in the warm, moist sneakers. A soft moan escaping her lips. She wiggled her toes a bit in them before starting work. When it calmed down a bit, Maddy and Elise were sitting together when Elise put up her feet, looking at the blue chucks. Maddy’s eyes obviously fixated on them as well. “I don’t know what it is, But these sneakers feel so damn good on my feet.”
Maddy had to keep a straight face, knowing what those sneakers had been through. “O-Oh yeah, chucks do feel good on your feet.”
“No, it’s not that.” Elise replied. “I have a few pair of chucks myself but they don’t feel like these. Now that I think of it. My air force ones feel similar!”

Maddy was a bit staggered. Elise loved the feeling of cummed sneakers on her feet. She looked up from the chucks on Elise’s feet. “Huh, weird. Wonder why that is.”Elise was looking at Maddy, seeing how she eyed the chucks. “Yeah… who knows.” Maddy had been wiggling her toes in her moist vans old skool, her pussy tingeling and some of her juices already running down her leg. She had to have a sneaker on her pussy fast. As if the gods heard her pleas, Elise stood up, looking at the few people who were sitting on the terrace. “I need to run some errands. Mind if I go now? Looks terribly calm.” Maddy had to look like she was thinking about it a little bit. “Uhmm.. yeah sure.” And Elise set off. Maddy waited a short moment and sprinted to the back. Tom was doing some paper work there and Maddy literally shood him away. “Sorry hun, I need a moment for myself.” Tom knew why and set off with a smile. “Enjoy” He said.

Maddy had already placed her newly acquired Nike blazer mid’s on the table when she saw something in the corner of her eyes. Elise’s white and black air force one’s were standing there as well. “Might as well make them even more ‘comfortable’ for Elise.” Maddy thought to herself And took those instead. She quickly dropped her panties and rubbed the left air force one all over her pussy, soaking it in the juices already dripping out of her pussy. She took the right sneaker and shoved it under her blouse, pressing against her breasts.

Maddy then pressed the tip of the left sneaker against her clit before sliding it down, pushing the tip inside her. At that moment, she envisioned the chucks on Elise’s feet, thinking about all the cum those chucks already received. She moaned, pressing her breasts together, smushing the sneaker between them, arched her back and unloaded a waterfall of cum Elise’s nike air force one. It sprayed all over the toe, the laces, the tongue. Even Maddy’s hand received a portion of her cumshot. She softly caressed her pussy with the soaking wet air force one sneaker as she was breathing heavily.

“I knew it!” Maddy heard. She looked up shocked and saw Elise standing there. “I knew it! I knew it!” Elise said again. Elise walked in with a smile on her face over to Maddy. Apparently she had been standing there, watching Maddy get off with her sneakers. Elise walked over to Maddy And took the sneaker Maddy had just covered with her cum. “Looks like there’s room for more.” She said. Maddy couldn’t help but feel a little relieved. Both because Elise wasn’t angry and because apparently, She was into it meaning Maddy had another person to have little adventures with. “I knew you ‘used’ my sneakers. And it makes them feel sooo good.” Elise said as she took the air force one Maddy had just covered. Elise got up the table and lifted her skirt, showing her panties with a wet spot on them already. Maddy, who still hadn’t said a word, Just hit the fuck it button and started getting to work. She took the sneaker from between her breasts and shoved it in Elise her top. Next, she placed the other sneaker with the toe pressing against her pussy and started sliding her finger in Elise’s opening.

Elise immediately started moaning, caressing her body with the sneaker underneath her top. Another moan escaped Elise’s lips when Maddy slid a second finger in her pussy. Elise arched her back, Maddy took out her fingers and pressed the Nike air force one against the opening just as Elise now unloaded herself all over the sneaker. They were both panting when their eyes locked. Then, they just started laughing. They were interrupted by Tom who popped his head in. “You girls are good to go, gonna be a calm evening.” And he left again. Elsie looked bewildered that he didn’t even mention the 2 half-naked ladies with cum covered sneakers. “Don’t worry hon, you’ve been walking in his cum all day.” Elise looked at Maddy. “Tom as well?!” Maddy laughed. ”Oh yeah.” Maddy sighed, thinking back to the fun times they already had. “Why don’t you come home with me and I’ll show you someone else who would love to have a go with them… again.”

Elise didn’t have to think twice and kicked off Julie’s chucks. Before Maddy could hand Elise’s air force ones, she had already taken her ‘new’ Nike blazer mids. Maddy shrugged and got her feet in Elise’s nike air force one’s. Maddy took her vans old skool and handed one to Elise. “Should place one in your panties, feels great to have one pressed against your pussy.” But instead of placing in in her panties, Maddy shoved hers back up her wet pussy. “Having one in my panties sounds great, don’t get me wrong. But why would I do it when I can do that?!” Elise said while seeing the vans sneaker disappear in Maddy. “Well.” Maddy started “It’s not the easiest thing in the world to get an entire sneaker in you.” But Maddy had hardly finished her sentence as she saw her other vans old skool sneaker be swallowed completely by Elise’s pussy “Not the first thing I’m getting in there hon.” Elise winked as the only part Maddy could see was the laces of her vans sneaker hanging out the side of Elise’s panties. Maddy had shoved quite some sneakers inside herself but had never seen one of her sneakers disappear in someone else’s pussy. And she thought it looked hot as hell.
“Well then. All set?” Maddy asked “Can’t wait!” Elise smiled. And they went on their way home.
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Re: Small story

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Wooow sehr geile Fortsetzung!
Wieder mal richtig heiß ;)
Sehr gerne mehr davon ;)
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Re: Small story

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