My wife and her sister's scents :-)

Other bodily fluids and excretions and anything else gross in, on and around shoes and boots. Pee in shoes, pee on shoes, etc.

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Re: My wife and her sister's scents :-)

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Seethegirls wrote: Sat Sep 11, 2021 1:22 pm Some candids of your wife’s sister in those Adidas would be amazing!
Hi :D

i only have a few pics of her wearing them. This was last year when my wife and i went shopping with her sister 8)

She was hungry and want to grab something out of a snack machine :lol:

We walked through the city the whole day. And everytime i look at her shoes, i just want to pull one
of her feet and stick it right to the nose of my wife so she could inhale her sister´s smelly feet :mrgreen:
Pull her black socks off and rub it on my wife´s face :D

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Re: My wife and her sister's scents :-)

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I think you should repost this in the sneaker section. I bet a lot of people would enjoy this saga that aren’t seeing it in the section
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Re: My wife and her sister's scents :-)

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Can you cum inside her sneakers :D
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