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Shoe Session Girls
Beautiful Women With Shoe Obsessions

· Lacey Sox (Maryland)
· Mistress Gill (England)
· Monica Crush (Italy)
· Sasha Slayer (Las Vegas)
· Kelly Louise (England)
· Donna Stiletto (England)
· Sub Carrie (England)
· Miss Beth (London)
· Ruby Enraylls (Seattle)
· Miss Beatrixx (Miami)
· Glitter Heels (England)
· Mistress Eleise (Vancouver)
· Ashley (Texas)
· Mistress Kira (Osaka)
· Mistress Saran (Osaka)
· Jess (Germany)
· Mistress Nikita (Florida)
· Mistress Natalie (Spain)
· Miss Madeline (New York)
· Susie Sixx (Los Angeles)
· Modern Empress (England)
· Domina Heelena (London)
· Pixie Pandora (San Jose, California)
· Dominatrix Dinah (Amsterdam)
· Amy Taylor (Los Angeles)
· Nikki (Los Angeles)
· The Shoe Mistress (England)
· Mistress O (Los Angeles)
· Bessy Azeman (Los Angeles)
· Mistress Kimber (Chicago)
· Switch Ja (Bangkok)
· Mistress Ann (Bangkok)
· The Foot Mistress (England)
· Madam Nylon (France)
· Mistress Clarissa (New York)
· Melady (Austria)
· Princess Barby (Austria)
· Bizarrlady Jessica (Austria)
· Mistress Rage (New York)
· Dante Posh (New York, England, Germany, Austria)
· Mistress Amara (Australia)
· Maria Rakever (Greece)
· Black Mistress Lara (Los Angeles, France, England)
· S from (England)
· Fetish Liza (England)
· Mistress Elisa Visconti (Italy)
· Lady Trinity (England)
· Lady Nina Birch (England)
· Jules (England)
· Mistress Dada Sreni (Italy)
· Mistress Jessica (Ireland Austria Spain)
· Mistress Kat (Australia)
· Ms. C (Chicago)
· Japanese Mistress Amrita (England)
· Miss Jessica (England)
· Comtesse Desiree (Germany)
· Mistress Dorothy (New York)
· Nadja Nylons (Germany)
· Carmen Rivera (Germany)
· Lady Joanne Lafontaine (Germany)
· Lady Chyna (Toronto)
· Mistress Onyx (Vancouver)
· Mistress Ava Von Medisin (England)
· Mistress Sidonia (England)
· Mistress Roberta (Netherlands)
· Vivienne (England)
· Mistress Tatiana (Florida)
· Mistress Madeline (Chicago)
· Lady Celeste (Germany)
· Mistress Chloe of London (England)
· Miss Cameo (England)
· Madam Mysteria (Greece)
· Miss Mimi (Germany)
· Princess Lola (New Jersey)
· Jades Shoes (England)
· Mistress Whiplash (England)
· Mistress Arella (England)
· Mistress Corinna (Germany)
· Sexy Shoe Girl (Florida)
· Mistress Yuliya Kate (Vancouver)
· Lady Monroe (Germany)
· Mistress Anya (Switzerland)
· Domina Angel (Bangkok)
· Domina Erzulie (Montreal)
· Mistress Jacklyn Lick (Los Angeles)
· Mistress Charlotte (England)
· Lady Titania Vanthorn (Los Angeles)
· Mistress Hernandez (Los Angeles)
· Mistress Jezebel Chi (Los Angeles)
· Lady Victoria Valente (Germany)
· Mistress Hellena (England)
· Mistress Erica (Los Angeles)
· Mistress Kim Lee (Los Angeles)
· Mistress Damiana Chi (Los Angeles)
· Mistress T (Vancouver)
· Miss Candie (England)
· Julie 69 (England)
· Mistress Trinity t4m (Los Angeles)
· Amber (Los Angeles)
· Naughty Shoe Fun (Los Angeles)
· Katharine Wu (Los Angeles)
· Asa (Los Angeles)
· Dru Berrymore (Los Angeles)

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Dru Berrymore

sexy shoes sexy shoes sexy shoes

Perhaps some of you have seen my movies and now want to experience the real thing, to see what I am like in person. Others might have found me through referrals or have followed a specific search, and much to your surprise, had no idea that I am an adult XXX movie star. Either way it would be my pleasure to make your acquaintance.

I have long dark hair, blue eyes, a sporty 5'7 120 lb petite body and have been called an exotic beauty. I'm not your typical adult movie star, nor do I look like one, however, I have been lucky enough to be living the erotic and exciting lifestyle for the last decade. Jetting around the world I consume with shameless abandoned the culture and adventure that life has to offer. Weather I spend an evening with you or travel on holiday I know that our reality will eclipse your fantasy!

I have restricted my clientele to the wealthy elite, as I prefer quality to quantity building discreet non-judgmental lasting relationships over the years. If you are a discerning professional with a lust for life and are looking for the number one choice in high-class companionship, your search is over.

For all inquiries beyond the information listed on my website,, regarding etiquette, how to go about scheduling, where I am, when, bio, stat's, donations and or advanced bookings; please contact me or my assistant Heather by email.

xoxo Dru

Special pre- book rate available (otherwise regular PSE rates apply!!!)
Hours 10am to 11pm. Pre-booking is advised. No Blocked Calls Please!

Text or Email please include the following: Full Name: E-mail Address: Address: Date and Time of Appointment: City of Appointment: Name of Business or Employment: Work Number and Extension: Title or Position in Company: Cell Number: Home Number: Age: Height: Weight: Hair Color: Other Distinguishable Features:

Dru Berrymore
Phone: 818 251-0377