Revealing shoe fetish to wife and friends? Questions

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Revealing shoe fetish to wife and friends? Questions

Post by publicwanker » Tue Apr 02, 2019 8:43 pm

I’m a straight man who loves women’s feet and shoes.
I am completely obsessed with feet and shoes and I love my fetish.

I cum on my wife’s feet, lick them, smell them etc.
She will wear stockings and shoes for me on request and is good with my foot fetish.

I’ve not yet told her of my shoe fetish or that I cum in her shoes often.
I’m wondering if anyone can share their experience brining shoes into the equation.

I have some very specific foot and shoe fetish scenarios I want to play out but I’m not sure how she will react.

1. I want to start smelling her shoes after wear in her presence.
2. I want to cum in her flats and heels and have her wear them afterwards, hopefully out to dinner.
3. I want to start expressing my foot fetish more openly in public with her - perhaps when were in a hot tub with another couple drinking and being silly, perhaps I could suck her toes playfully with the other couple present.
4. Id like to cum on her feet or shoes and take photos.
5. Finally, and most extreme. I’d like to have a buddy of mine cum in her shoes or on her feet. I’d like to have the “sloppy seconds” and use my buddy’s cum as lube to receive a foot job or fuck her shoes. (I realize this is way out there!).

What are your thoughts on telling the wife you love shoes?
What are your thoughts on sharing your foot and shoe fetish’s with a close friend? Someone who you already discuss sexuality with freely.
Finally have you ever felt the desire to have a friend cum on your wife’s feet and rub your cock in his cum as lube?

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Re: Revealing shoe fetish to wife and friends? Questions

Post by realservitude » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:15 pm

Well she's your wife. Have an open and honest discussion with her. Seems like you two already indulge in foot kinks, so I'd imagine bringing shoes into the mix wouldn't be a stretch. Then again only you know your wife.

I've told some of my significant others about my feet and shoe fetishes. While none of them were natural kinksters like myself, they've all indulged me with varying levels of enthusiasm.

I have friends who are full-on kinksters and they know everything about me. Some of my close friends know I'm into some kinky stuff, but they're only aware of it in a general sense and do not know any specifics. In fact, I would be uncomfortable confiding in my close friends about my fetishes. Not that it's ever going to be an issue. Because how would a subject like that come up?

I cannot speak to dealing with another guy's cum because that's just repulsive to me.

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