What is the largest scheme did you pull of to get worn shoes

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Re: What is the largest scheme did you pull of to get worn shoes

Post by Salvagedrover » Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:35 pm

Man, I have you all beat. This was over 20 years ago in the early 90s. I was into sneakers even back when I was younger than ten, reebok freestyles and balloons were it for me. I don't know -ANYWAY, so one day, I was getting a new locker and I forgot the combination. I went to the office and the woman behind the desk (who the hell remembers who she was, but she was large and blonde and old and pleasant, she was an elementary school desk lady.) she went into a drawer in a desk and pulled out a stapled packet of like 30-40 pages or something, with ALL the locker numbers and combinations for them. I could hardly contain myself, I was shaking. After school, I rode my bike about two miles to a local hardware store, and I purchased a glass cutter, the long kind with the ball on one end and a littl wheel on the other? I found some old windows in the garage to practice on until I got good (I was like 10 or 11 or 12 or something, mind you) until one Sunday afternoon, a week or so after I saw the list, I emptied my backpack, hopped on my bike, and rode about 7-8 miles to my school. At that point it was already dusky, but my plan couldn't stop now. I went around th the left side of the school, where I was blocked by some bushes and a car couldn't drive in back, spin around, and see what I was doing because of the curb and grass. I used my glass cutter to cut a small half-round circle over the latch of one of the windows into the science lab there, attached a suction cup, and tapped it with the ball end until it popped out. I took the glass and threw it into the parking lot where it shattered. I climbed in and made my way to the office down the hall, and sure enough, the packet with the combinations was still there. I grabbed it and started to run as quick as I could to some girls lockers I KNEW had gold in them. Back then, there were small cubbies on top of the tall skinny lockers in school and that's where gym clothes went. Back then all the girls wore gazelles and samba classics (with the big logo on the tongue, pulled to the side) puma suedes, vans old skools, lampins, all the amazing classics before superstars became popular in the late 90s/early 2000s. I was able to get something like 7 pairs into my backpack, and the rest I stashed into a vacant locker I knew nobody used that I now had the combo to! I put the list back where I found it, made sure each time to put the dual back on the number it was on and to wipe down (I was a smart kid) wipe down the slides, but didn't worry about the knobs because they were knurled. I made it out to my bike I stashed in the bushes, and I waited for a bit. I didn't look at my bounty, I just waited. And waited. Then a cop came. He drove around slowly and went in the back. He parked for a bit, and it felt like days. Finally, the headlights came back on and slowly drove down the long driveway and took a right at the end. I threw on my backpack, jumped on my bike now that he had made his rounds (no alarms back then, not sure there are any in most schools now, just metal detectors) and I pedaled back home in the dark, eaten alive by Mosquitos and riding into spider webs, until, finally, I got back home. I bent under the living room window, and climbed the side of the porch to put the bag on the roof over it, which is where my bedroom windows opened out to. I parked my bike in the garage for the night, and went inside. I ate some dinner, and went upstairs to my open window. I raised the screen, reached out, and grabbed the bag. I then began to rip a hole in the bottom of my box spring, the side against my wall. I put the backpack on the bed and opened up a notebook and textbook, just in case. I started pulling out each prize like I had just robbed. Jewelry store or Fort Knox, but nobody knew about it, and started hiding each one underneath. Once it was empty, I put the books back in the bag and by that point, everyone was asleep. I turned off my light, reached down for what felt like a right side of some pair, and...and that's the sneakiest thing I ever did. I did some crazy stuff later on, but the craziest, most creative? That was it. And I never got caught. I still have many of those pairs to this day. I destroyed some, but I have about 500 now. Gonna start getting rid of some soon, either for really good money, or I'm going to shred and burn them. I'm actually interested to see if anyone can top that.

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Re: What is the largest scheme did you pull of to get worn shoes

Post by Salvagedrover » Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:47 pm

I have other stories too btw, if the last one isn't enough. Not AS crazy and complex, but certainly more daring as I got better and better and wanted more and more pairs. When I was young, man, I was GOOD. Now, there's poshmark and you just have to figure out how to ask without coming off as a perv, and ruining it for the rest of us. There's someone called "seethegirls" I think, and if that doesn't scream perv to adolescent girls, I don't know wtf does! Lol. Anyways, gotta be slick about it and don't be obvious. Make up a story like how you want to see how they stretched, or if you can tell the seams are ripping or the sole is starting to separate. Also "I have wide/narrow feet, how do these fit? Did you buy them new or from another posher? Do they ever give blisters when you wear them without socks? I bought a similar pair new and they gave me blisters and I want to make sure before I buy these, yadda yadda yadda.) you gotta be convincing, but not so they remember you, act like you are looking at other pairs to buy, and they will do whatever you want so long as you don't seem like a guy, and you seem interested in buying them. It works, believe me.

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Re: What is the largest scheme did you pull of to get worn shoes

Post by Adversary » Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:35 am

Any stories about getting your hands on boots, Salvagedrover?

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Re: What is the largest scheme did you pull of to get worn shoes

Post by Toe Cleavage1 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 5:14 am

I used to do deliveries in a car to various companies, mainly pubs.
One day I was given a new pub to deliver to and as is usually the case I had to go round the back, just inside the door and next to the stairs was a tall cardboard box with shoes in. The landlady was busy with customers and asked if I could wait awhile, that was fine as in that box were a number of high heels. I couldn't believe it, they were really sexy day to day/party heels and I got the urge to take a pair. But just as I checked to make sure no one was coming, the landlady popped up and with a smile she said 'Ready now' and so we went through the gear I'd brought, she signed for them and I went off to my next delivery with those shoes in my head.
I remember I made a number of deliveries there but everytime there was someone ready or someone around.
Then one day I saw boots, medium height chunky heel, tan and kneehigh. There was no one around so I grabbed them, one at a time as I returned for each box and then called for the landlady, hoping she would not notice the boots were gone.
I then took my lunch break and smelled those boots, kissed them, wore them (they were a ladies size 7) and even drove in them for awhile. I hid them under a bush in a plastic bag and returned to them everytime I was there.
The landlady did ask me if I had spotted anyone suspicious hanging around as something had been taken from the back way, I lied and said the previous delivery guy was acting a little strange when I turned up with my delivery. I said he looked a little flushed and harried.
Never had the balls to take another pair from them, it would have looked a little obvious.
But another pub had these stunning patent open toe stiletto heel mules, the kind older women wear. They tasted and smelled wonderful.

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Re: What is the largest scheme did you pull of to get worn shoes

Post by BareFoot Rose » Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:03 am

OK, so several of these have worked on me. Now I know what you guys are really after when you do these things! :lol:

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Re: What is the largest scheme did you pull of to get worn s

Post by Slider6 » Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:08 pm

KV16 wrote:
Sat Sep 24, 2016 5:25 pm
Stopniet wrote:Really love this thread, even thoug know it's dated from almost a year back. Anyone has some other tricks for getting shoes? :mrgreen:

This thread's quite amazing! :D

The best trick/tricks I've done outside my weird one was just asking for shoe donations. I haven't gotten anything amazing out of them, but I just donate ones I don't like. I think if you're not pushy, it shouldn't come off as suspicious. I've done some really stupid stuff asking for shoes but thankfully none of them got me into too much trouble.

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Re: What is the largest scheme did you pull of to get worn shoes

Post by ink » Tue Aug 07, 2018 10:28 am

This cute pair of Puma Future Cats (size UK 3.5 or EUR 36 respectively) did I get from a co-worker.
The background:

At work there was this young lady who always wore sneakers.
Mostly, she wore these Puma Future Cats, a pair of Puma Avantis and Nike sneakers I don't know the name of.
For me, Future Cats are cute in general and her little white and pink ones in particular.
So I racked my brains for a long time on how to get my hands on these shoes.
Regularly I checked her desk after work, when I was definitely alone in the office.
In fact, once she left a bag under her desk with the Future Cats in it.
Of course I took the opportunity to have a closer look on them.
But neither I cummed in them nor did I steal them. I wouldn't have done that to her.
Unfortunately, it stayed that way.
At this time she didn't wear the Future Cats anymore at work but now only for taking the dog for a walk or similar purposes.

The story, how I managed it to get the shoes:

When I heard my co-worker would leave our company in a few months, I thought to myself: now or never!
I sent her an e-mail with a picture of very similar Future Cats and told her that a friend of mine wished such shoes for her birthday.
I already got them for her, but I want to play a prank on her:
Because the Future Cats are a discontinued model I want to pretend that I only got some used ones.
I asked my co-worker whether she hadn't have similar ones -- and if so, if she would lend them to me.

At this day, she just replied (via e-mail as well), that it was true, she has had such shoes.
This was quite disappointing, but just for now...

The next day she stood in the hall-way, with a plastic bag in her hand, and talked to someone.
When I passed, she turned to me and gave the bag with the words: "I found them after all. Have fun with it!"
I absolutely couldn't believe this was true, but a glance in the bag assured me it WAS true.

Later this day, I saw her again and thanked her specifically.
I took all my courage and asked her if she would sell me the shoes if necessary, just in case they would be damaged or something.
She laughed and said it wouldn't be a problem at all if anything happened to them, we'll agree on the price.

The next day I gave her 20 Euros (which she thought was way to much), she smiled and since then, her Future Cats were mine.
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Re: What is the largest scheme did you pull of to get worn shoes

Post by louislu » Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:53 pm

...I rent apartments, and even better shared rooms, on "Air Blast 'n Blast" :D when I travel for business (more than 10 times this year).
...I take a particular attention to choose the right one, where either the owner leaves for the time of the rent, or the owner stays because it is a shared room.

...here are some shoe items I found during my rentals

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Re: What is the largest scheme did you pull of to get worn shoes

Post by Waywhy » Mon Sep 24, 2018 4:06 am


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Re: What is the largest scheme did you pull of to get worn shoes

Post by Brevelyn » Mon Oct 01, 2018 12:21 pm

Spent the night with a woman, just to get at her mother's heels. They had been forced to temporarily move into a small condo, and she and her mother (same size) had a shoe obsession. There were several boxes, filled with random pairs. Her mother preferred classic stiletto pumps, and spent most of her time traveling. I would just wait until my host was snoring, then help myself to something of my liking. Neither had any idea of what they had, and assumed the other had anything that was missing.
Netted my first pair of metallic pumps, and a pair of black scalloped pumps that the host used to taunt me with. It was so easy, I did it again the following week. Creamed her boots, and absconded with blue pumps and some heavily worn, black patent FMH's. Those had an amazing scent, and gave me numerous sessions of pleasure.
The sex was great, but not as good as the patent pumps.

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