Cumming on teachers mules and barely getting away with it.

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Cumming on teachers mules and barely getting away with it.

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Hi I shared this story with you all a couple of years ago on someones thread, and a couple of you really liked it. Thought I would make a thread on it, so more can read the story and hopefully enjoy it as much as everyone else did.

I remeber back in school the class for the oldest kids had this teacher everyone was scared of. Even though she was not the headteacher she acted like it and was the main enforcer in the school. All the other kids hated her and told stories about her, but I rememebr being fasinated by her even before her class.
We talked about her as if she was really old at the time, but she must of been somewhere around 40. The thing I remeber best about her from before I was in her class was she used to take a class down in the playing field for gym lessons in the park, and when she got changed back in to her clothes she wore in class, if it was summer she would spend the rest of the day in bare feet. I used to pretened I needed the toilet, just so I could walk past he class and sneak a peak through the glass door and see if I could see her feet.
When I eventually got in to her class, and I was at that age you can imagine most of my masturbation cetions where aimed at her. I could not wait until the summer time in her class. I used to put by head down to the table and peak through my slightely open fingers at her feet, something that was probably not as stealth as I thought it was at the time. Her feet were mesmerizinly flawless, and certainly very high maintenace, her skin resembled that of smooth caramel that looked just radiant, she had long elegant toes, and her toe nails were long to the extreme, i've honestly never seen any woman style their toenails quite like her, she cut them so they were not only very long but pointed at the end like captivatingly feminine claws, and she would paint her toe nails very bright colors, sometimes she even painted all her toe nails all different colors, you could not help but look at them. Her feet used to get me so hard I had to put my hand in my pocket when walking out of class so nobody would see.
Every half year she would come in wearing a new pair of open toe pumps, mules or boots that she would always wear to class, I realise now they were always open toe because she liked to keep her toe nails very long. One time she had these really sexy pair of brown mules, and she always kept her shoes under her table when she was down teaching gym lessons, and a teacher would come in to class every five minutes to keep an eye on us. I asked to go to the toilet, and since her table was next to the door to get to the toilets I pretended to tie my shoelace as I was behind her desk, and sneakily put one of her brown mules up my shirt, and went to the toilet, where I smelled her shoe, and then came all over the outside of them just above where her toes would pop out from the mule. I remeber panicking when I realized my cum would not just wipe off without leaving big damp patchs all over it, so i tried rubbing the rest of it all over her shoe so it would all look the same, but there was not enough, and it just looked worse, so I tried cumming on them again, but hardly anything came out this time, and worse than that, her mule now stank strongly of my cum, so I freaked out and throw it in the bin in the bathroom, hiding it under all the junk left in there.
When Mrs Cannon came back, and started accusing us of hiding her shoe, I was freaking out like mad. Mrs Cannon even stopped looking for her shoe and phoned my mum, because I looked so bad she thought I was ill, and me looking for a get out insisted I was, and I mamaged to get home early.
I came in to school the next day to find out that Mrs Cannon found her shoe in the bin, and had gave everyone else in the class lines to do at home as punishment for not telling her who had hid her shoe. To my relief she came in to school that day still wearing the brown mules, which ment she had no idea what had happened. The stain on her shoe had faded slightly, but you could still see the cum stains all over the strappy part just above her perfectly painted toes, and that made her even more sexy to me, and I just wanted to do it again.
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Re: Cumming on teachers mules and barely getting away with it.

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Very exiting story.
thanks for posting
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