Longest shoes you've fucked that the owner still wears or wore for a while

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Re: Longest shoes you've fucked that the owner still wears or wore for a while

Post by finfan1 » Thu Jun 25, 2020 9:38 am

Footjob00000 wrote:
Mon Jun 15, 2020 2:40 am
Stevly wrote:
Tue Jun 09, 2020 9:23 am
My sister in laws toms,
She was in late 20’s at the time and would stay with us during the summer months and wear them barefoot,
They absolutely stank to high heaven and used to fuck the left and sniff the right, her foot crud used to feel great on my cock head and I filled them many a night,
She returned the following year and still had them so I filled them again
Awesome story! Posted this a while back but my ex girlfriends roommate had these naturalizers she wore to work barefoot. She was probably around her early 20's and whenever I went over to visit I would see these on the shoe rack. I lived pretty close to her so when I left, I would borrow them and blast loads into the toe box and return them later that night. I use to fuck the left side as well while sniffing the right. Sometimes it would be kind of hard to fuck them because they were still a little damp from her foot sweat and the material would catch on my dick. Did this for about 8 months or so before my ex moved in with me. I also was able to get one of her roommates thongs. One day. I saw her come home really fast and 5 minutes later, run out with new clothes on. I guess she just came back from work and was going out with friends but when I checked her laundry basket and felt her damp pink thong, I threw it in my pocket and told my gf that I had to go home real quick. It was so hot tasting her pussy and even after when it did dry to lick the crusty flakes off and taste how salty it was. Don't have any pics of her thong but here are some of her smelly naturalizers.
That's amazing. How smelly were they and how would you describe the smell? Also how many loads do you think you put in them? Hot imagining her wearing them barefeet at work with them loaded with cum.

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Re: Longest shoes you've fucked that the owner still wears or wore for a while

Post by pantiesandpumps » Thu Jun 25, 2020 6:25 pm

Friend I've known 20 years, used to housesit. I've tried on anything that fit (even gone out to dinner wearing one of her dresses).. but her shoe closet is fantastic and her feet smell like heaven. Slightly cheesy heaven. She's got a couple of pairs that I've unloaded into so many times that I'm surprised she hasn't noticed, but she still wears them every now and then. I've always wondered if she knows about all of it.. but naaaah. That's wishful thinking. :)

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Re: Longest shoes you've fucked that the owner still wears or wore for a while

Post by Footjob00000 » Fri Jun 26, 2020 4:36 am

@Finfan1. It's been a few years but I will never forget her because she had the smelliest feet I have ever experienced on a woman. The best way I can describe the smell would be a mixture of corn chips and vinegar leaning more towards the vinegar side. When I took the pics that I posted, they were probably only 2 loads in but over the course of about 8 months, I would guestimate I shot nearly 30 loads into her left side. I remember going over to my ex's after fucking and filling them but saw that the front door was open. I freaked out and put them next to the roommates car. I bet she was really confused the next morning when she found them outside.

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