Gender studies and shoe fetishism

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Re: Gender studies and shoe fetishism

Post by Flatslover92 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:54 pm

Have had it since I was a kid tho I am not sure the exact trigger that started it off for me. Going merely from my college course of psychology which we briefly talked on fetishes, especially if it’s an object our mind links that object to a specific person or time in our life and emits us pleasure. For me I can recall as a kid always being around my moms feet, and I guess that’s kinda what started it because I always felt safe around my mom when I was younger being a child who was more on the shy side I found comfort in being around my mom (not sure if this is making sense). I eventually found pleasure with her shoes often sleeping with a pair at night in bed (was too young to think about sexual arousal with them).

Once I got older I merely was more and more inticed into girls shoes in school (which the sexual arousal started to come into play as a young boy/man begins exploring at that age). I found nothing super interesting about other features on a girl merely her choice in footware at the time.

Then came the introduction (as someone else mentioned above) of dangling or playing with shoes. I remember my one teacher in 4th grade would dangle her loafers while sitting on her desk and I remember being inticed as to “why she was doing that”, “it’s as if she doesn’t care about her shoes falling off her feet” “what a weird position to have them in” etc. it was then I became more so arroused by the act of playing and dangling shoes.

Come more High school age I remember I’d love to watch this one teachers assistant during breaks dangle and play with her flats (which started my fetish for flats particularly). I started dating this one Hispanic girl who was a very avid shoeplay and can remember sneaking a “session” with her flats the one time she was over which was my first shoe fuck experience. I loved it to where I wanted more and it further drove my fetish.

From there and to this day I still am not 100% clear why I love women’s shoes so much but hey it’s my thing and it makes me who I am.

As far as a certain thing that makes me tick, I don’t really get into the domination aspect, obviously dangling and playing are interests of me but if the woman is relatively attractive and has sexy shoes (doesn’t always have to be flats) then I’m certainitly interested.

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Re: Gender studies and shoe fetishism

Post by shoejoblover » Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:51 pm

My attraction to shoes is just that it's taboo. Let's say I get a pair of smelly Toms from a hot chick. It's the idea behind fucking something dirty that she has walked around in and then putting my cock all over them and fucking them that gets me hard.

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Re: Gender studies and shoe fetishism

Post by Emma Rowbotham » Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:55 pm

Thank you for all your replies so far. I have far more information about shoe fetishism now than I was expecting. I have a question for all the men out there that are in a relationship. Has your shoe fetish ever effected your relationship in a negative way, or does it continue to effect your relationship in a negative way?

Some examples of how it could negatively effect your relationship are; your partner catches you looking at other women in heels, your partner is starting to resent you insisting she wears heels for you in any way, the fact you are damaging her shoes?

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