Cumming Classmates Shoes (Sexy Heels creamed!!)

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Re: Cumming Classmates Shoes (Sexy Heels creamed!!)

Post by TheShoeCumLord » Fri Jun 03, 2016 10:41 am

@uggsaresexy yea ikr :D Sadly there was too little time & I didn't wanted to get expelled or something :? But I hope I'll get 'em next Winter :)

Hey Guys,

got some pic's from Michelle's & Jenny's Instagram. Enjoy :D
13285355_1735538246690143_47398543_n (1).jpg
13260952_1052948904792156_1408617378_n (1).jpg
So sexy to see her wearing the Nike Air Max Thea I cummed recently :D
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Re: Cumming Classmates Shoes (Sexy Heels creamed!!)

Post by mr_gabor » Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:36 am


at least wrong title - just sneakers no sexy heels, and what about real girls or ladies, no vanilla teens (18 ?? )

much room for improvement

mr g

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Re: Cumming Classmates Shoes (Sexy Heels creamed!!)

Post by Replacement » Fri Jun 03, 2016 3:26 pm

mr_gabor wrote:Well,

at least wrong title - just sneakers no sexy heels

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Re: Cumming Classmates Shoes (Sexy Heels creamed!!)

Post by rico1975 » Sat Jun 04, 2016 6:42 am

TheShoeCumLord wrote:Hey Forum!

Unbelievable that there are so many people sharing the same love - cumming sexy shoes. I love browsing through the forum & see what you guys did so far & I'm pretty impressed :D

But since I cum in my classmates shoes for many years already, I thought I'd share my experiences with you guys aswell.

I'm currently 19 Years old and I'm studying in a university in Germany. I'm so lucky to be in a class with a lot of hot girls! And all of them wear super sexy shoes! There is everything from converse, slutty heels, nike air max to uggs and boots! And I came in sooo many pairs already. It's always a different exciting experience, since I do it sneaky. Always when we go to another classroom to listen to a biology/physics lesson, they often let there shoes in the empty classroom. I always leave the room last to check if there are any sexy shoes around & if so I ask the professor during class if I can go to the toilet or something. I quickly go back & grab the shoes and have some fun in the toilet. But i gotta hurry because when I don't come back soon they will think suspicious. So I only got 1-2 min to cum in every shoe. But oh boy lemme tell you that with those slutty shoes that is veeeery easy :D :twisted:

Last week I had one of my best shoe cummings ever! We had a special week where we all had to dress up in different costumes every day. Wednesday was the topic: "Childhood Heroes". I went as Crusty from Simpsons 8) But one of the sexiest girls named Jenny went as Minnie Mouse. And she looked so sexy! I got a pic from here Instagram acc.
And she wore some very sexy heels! Always when I watch her walk I got a huge boner cause it looked like they were a bit to big for her feet. So she couldn't really walk in them. Before Physics class I tried to do a sneaky picture of her in her shoes, but I realized that she wasn't wearing them!
So she just left them at her desk. I already had a huge boner thinking about cumming in them. So I asked the professor to go to the toilet & here they are! They're so beautiful aren't they? :D
I instantly sniffed them! They had an amazing smell!! I almost came right then! I smelled her sweat but also the smell of the leather itself, it was unbelievable. I quickly took them to the toilet and had a session with them. :twisted:
I held one shoe directly on my nose while fucking the other one deeply. I came in less then 1 min in her left shoe! It was amazing. Sadly I couldn't take many pics because I had to hurry :( But I did take a vid tho. So if you wanna see it comment :D

After the lesson she came back, put on her shoes & had hard times walking with the left shoe. It was so hot to watch.

So that was my recent session. Hope you enjoyed it & pls comment. I'll try to cum the next pair soon.

Hello, I am old 41 years and have inseminated in my Schoe- and Feetfuck-Carriere some shoes and feet seamd! Have you remembered sometimes that not only you, but also other the shoes of your school-friends(classmates) inseminate? With it(Thus) I mean(think) not class-mates, but, e.g., neighbours of the girls where they live. I also inhabit a house in him several schoolgirls(students) live and which put all her(their) shoes before the door. I inseminate this several times and with it(thus) the girls go to school. Could it not be, that if you the shoes of your school-friends(classmates) richst that you inhale, besides, the shoe polish of foreign(strange) men/neighbours ? :-) With it(Thus) not you would be inseminated alone to your school-friends(classmates) the shoes and therefore the feet, but also other - how I :-)

Hallo, ich bin 41 jahre alt und habe in meiner Schuh-Fußfickkarriere so einiges an Schuhen und Füße besamt! Hast du mal daran gedacht, dass nicht nur du, sondern auch andere die Schuhe deiner Mitschülerinnen besamen? Damit meine ich nicht Klassenkameraden, sondern z.B. Nachbarn der Mädchen wo sie wohnen. Ich bewohne auch ein Haus in dem mehrere Schülerinnen wohnen und die alle ihre Schuhe vor die Tür stellen. ich besame diese mehrmals und damit gehen die Mädchen in die Schule. Könnte es nicht sein, dass wenn du die Schuhe deiner Mitschülerinnen richst, dass du dabei die Wichse von fremden Männern inhalierst? :-) Damit wärst nicht du alleine der deinen Mitschülerinnen die Schuhe und somit die Füße besamt, sondern auch andere - wie ich :-)

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Re: Cumming Classmates Shoes (Sexy Heels creamed!!)

Post by anides123 » Mon Jun 06, 2016 6:09 pm

TheShoeCumLord wrote:got some pic's from Michelle's & Jenny's Instagram. Enjoy :D
Can you post some more photos of Michelle & Jenny with Yoga Pants? They are so hot!

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Re: Cumming Classmates Shoes (Sexy Heels creamed!!)

Post by SirRye » Sun Jun 12, 2016 11:01 pm

no videos or pictures of the flood of cum inside the shoes.? and toe/foot marks?

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Re: Cumming Classmates Shoes (Sexy Heels creamed!!)

Post by wizardoz » Sat Jun 18, 2016 4:28 am

Hello my friend and sorry for my late reply, i was npot around for sometime... I thank you for all the photos they are all cute girls..but i must say I have been a huge fan of lilli, her boots and stockings... any chance to have more from her ?? you can also send DM to me if you want ;) thank you so much

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Re: Cumming Classmates Shoes (Sexy Heels creamed!!)

Post by slinks » Wed Jun 22, 2016 12:45 pm

Any updates?

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Re: Cumming Classmates Shoes (Sexy Heels creamed!!)

Post by somebody » Wed Jun 22, 2016 2:23 pm

i like your thread :)
...::: I love the whipster of Her pantyhose when Her legs rubbing tohether and penetrate the noise of Her heels when they are tapping and scratching the ground, while She is walking :::...

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Re: Cumming Classmates Shoes (Sexy Heels creamed!!)

Post by anides123 » Sat Jul 09, 2016 4:27 am

OP is probably on summer vacation, i am waiting updates in September!!

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