workplace escapades

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Re: workplace escapades

Post by FootFreak » Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:43 pm

If possibe can you leave all your cum to dry in the toebox and check them right after they are worn before all the cum is worn away....nothing more exciting to me than to see new toeprints in cum.

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Re: workplace escapades

Post by finfan1 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:18 pm

FootFreak wrote:
Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:39 pm
I came so hard to your last two posts. Please show #29 shoes after she wears them!!! You are the man!!!
He said the pics were from a month ago and she's already left the office.

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Re: workplace escapades

Post by FlatsFetish » Wed Mar 07, 2018 7:35 pm

I just stumbled on to this post. Love it! I would love to see more flats if possible though. Thanks!

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Re: workplace escapades

Post by tehguy1988 » Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:40 am

Ok, will show you some flats next time! But today I want to share a session with #3's hot collection of heels!

Three months back I posted on one of our long-timers here #3. Together with #17, she probably has the best collection of sexy heels at the my firm. The last time I came over her brown suede pumps here: viewtopic.php?p=757280#p757280

I stayed back late again one night and checked out her desk again. She's seated in a rather secluded part of the office where everyone goes home very early, so I didn't have to wait too long that night for my chance. I found these two beauties under her desk, but the real treasure was in her drawer!... :D
IMG_3396 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3397 (Medium).JPG
Hell yeah that's one heck of a goldmine alright! 8) Several of her old favorites were in there waiting to be worn. She just has too many shoes lying around waiting to be stepped into by her sexy feet!

The Alexandre Birmans were still in there, looking very stained indeed.
IMG_3398 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3399 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3400 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3402 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3403 (Medium).JPG
What really turned me on was this pair of black suede, open-toe ankle strap Aldos. Very very inviting.
IMG_3404 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3405 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3406 (Medium).JPG
What a sight this was, heels heaven!
IMG_3408 (Medium).JPG
The nude pair of ankle strap Aldos (suede too) under her desk was also very fuckable, and fuck them I did.
IMG_3409 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3410 (Medium).JPG
I wasn't distracted from my main target that evening though - her black Aldos. After some warm up I went right to them and spent the next thirty minutes in them. I just sat in #3's chair, butt naked, her sweater wrapped around my face, and had her ankle laces tightly wound around my cock. I had the luxury of privacy then so I took my time and enjoyed it thoroughly... :D
IMG_3414 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3417 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3419 (Medium).JPG
I came hard into her heels, and as with peep-toe shoe sessions, made a bit of a mess with the cum all over the carpet and the other shoe underneath. I wiped myself dry with her sweetly-scented red sweater after that too.

Video here:

Very wet suede...
IMG_3428 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3429 (Medium).JPG
I went back again to inspect these heels a week later and was pleased to see my yellow stains in them. :mrgreen:
IMG_3471 (Medium).JPG
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Re: workplace escapades

Post by nsagaa » Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:45 am

I love high heel Pumps

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Re: workplace escapades

Post by finfan1 » Fri Mar 09, 2018 11:48 am

Love how you dump the cum into their other shoes. Also really enjoy how you clean yourself up with their jackets or other clothing they've left behind. Sweet update!

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Re: workplace escapades

Post by tehguy1988 » Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:32 am

I've got lots and lots of sessions to share with you guys. Here's another one - a new woman! The 44th lady I've documented here from my firm!

It's actually not the first time you guys are seeing her. She was actually featured in one of my posts on #2 two years ago, but I didn't give her a number because I've never actually managed to get my hands on any of her shoes. She's never left anything behind for me AT ALL! You'll see that post here: viewtopic.php?p=535334#p535334

She's been around for two or three years and I've observed that she wears very high heels at the workplace day in and day out. Unlike the other ladies, she never changes into something more comfortable like flats or flipflops, which means she only has one pair of footwear.

So, I was prowling around the workplace one night for a second round. I had just sprayed a pair of #12's heels (haven't posted about that yet), but I was still hungry for another shoe fuck. I'd always check #44's desk too even though there's usually nothing. But by God's grace, my chance came! Her cabinet was usually locked and the key taken home, but this time as I did my routine check, I found it unlocked and I checked out the drawers. At the bottom one I found a white bag. As I held it in my hands I was almost trembling with excitement, for it felt like heels inside!!! :o

I opened up the bag and YES there they were! Her brown high heels that I've actually seen her wear so very often at work!! :D :D
IMG_3893 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3894 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3895 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3896 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3897 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3898 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3899 (Medium).JPG
What a fucking hot pair of Christian Louboutins!! And extremely well-worn too I must say! Look at all that crude in the toebox! I was practically drooling and overwhelmed with horniness right there and then!
IMG_3901 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3902 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3903 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3909 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3914 (Medium).JPG
I cannot remember when was the last time I've seen such sexy high heels. Probably only since the long-gone days of goddess #24 or super hot #7?

Anyhow, I figured that such an opportunity was heaven's gift and may not come again, so I knew I had to enjoy these heels while I could. I'll let the pics do the talk:
IMG_3904 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3910 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3913 (Medium).JPG
IMG_3916 (Medium).JPG
I finally blasted my load over these beautiful heels. Considering it was my second session that night, I thought it was a pretty decent load, no disappointment there for #44!

Check out the video here:
IMG_3918 (Medium).JPG
I propped the heels at an angle on the feet of her chair so that the cum could flow into her toebox and dry in there. I left them for about half an hour to dry out before putting them back into her bag. Here's how all that crud looked like when semi-dry:
IMG_3919 (Medium).JPG
And of course as I always do, I'll show you guys how #44 looks like. She's one exotic, slender sexy chick with a good taste for high heels:
Somehow there seems to be a bit of an exodus of hot chicks from the company. Soon after this session, I heard off the grapevine that #44's leaving the firm in a month too... Disappointing news just as we got started with her, but hey, the good news is that I'm having more sessions with her heels! I told myself that I would make the most out of this next one month. Stay tuned!
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Re: workplace escapades

Post by thearkivist » Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:53 am

I love what you did to #3's Aldos.

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Re: workplace escapades

Post by SirRye » Sun Mar 11, 2018 3:15 am

i hope she still left her Louboutin for daily cum :) and please don't clean it!

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Re: workplace escapades

Post by vincci2 » Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:05 am

After years of cumming heels experience (speaking like an old taxi uncle :D) creaming Christian Louboutin was like a hitting a goal of a lifetime, esp this well worn pair of nude Loubby. She spend so much on one pair of heels and you manage to cum it. GOod job,.

love those aldos too. the way you tie the black string around the cock is amazing.

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