Has anyone ever been caught

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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by pumpscummer » Fri Nov 01, 2013 1:19 am

I once... have so risky possibility that it was almost crazy .... but my fetish was so strong that I've made that anyways..

I was in my G/F home, waiting for her ( she suppose to be already here ) buut, I was not alone, her sister was there and we were talking ....she was super totally hot because she was much older.....( for fetishist mind - she haave much more heels )... I already saw her many times with sexy heels on her feet..

I was already hard and trying to hidden my hard on.. and don't look on her sexy feets .. when she suddenly checked her watch and said she will be late,so she said exuce me I need to take a bath I will leave you keys until Monic ( my girlfred ) will come. I didn't know how much time I have got, but even so I knew I can at least sneak into her shoe closed and take few licks of her heels insoles and smell that devine aroma...

What I saw almost blowed my mind.. It was first time when I had good oportunity to teach her whole shoe closet... she's got much more sexy heels than I already saw..

That aroma and adrenaline pushed me harder ( still hearing shower from bathroom )I took her right pump of most sexiest pair I saw ... ( she had them on wedding few weeks earlier ) and licked it smelled it, stick my fingers around insole trhought closed pump toe ........

I don't know when I run into the bathroom with that poor sexy pump, but I rememer that amazing feeling of fucking her shoe.... I've made few moves and blow my over 4 days load into her shoe..

In that moment I've heard steps on stairkase It was my G/F i run back into her sister closet put back completly cummed pump and in last second sit and take out my cell phone pretending to do nothing :)

later her sister came out of bathroom, she even take her jaket from that warderobe were her now freshly cummed heels was laying.

I didn't had any chance to wipe them out .. but she never find out I think .... my cum must dry fast enought :twisted:
...since always facinated

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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by Heaterbix » Fri Nov 01, 2013 5:43 am

This is my first post so hi all, love the stories and thought I'd share my own.
Back when I lived with my mum in London about 10 years ago now, we used to live in a little circle of about 11 house's where everyone knew everyone and in the corner house was a Scottish family (mum, daughter and son). I used to regularly look after the son when the mum was on a night out and fuck his sister when she was about or got home too, she even woke me up with a blow job one time when I was asleep on the sofa. Anyway they used to have a problem with the front door where it would shut but with just a slight shoulder nudge the door would open, so i started making regular visits to there house when no one was in and I used to go to town stealing mum and daughters dirty/clean panties, bra's anything I could get my hands on and after a while of doing this I started feeling cocky enough to start wanking myself in the house. The mum who I had the biggest crush on used to have these hot suede knee high boots I would cum inside of and even found a vibrator in the her room with stains I would lick clean and replace with my own cum but I was just literally cumming on everything even down to her pillows and tooth brush . So after doing this for about 3 months I'm in the daughters room one time which luckily looked over the court, wanking away in to a fresh pair of dirty knickers and hear a car outside it's the mum home from work early I dropped the knickers where I was, pull up my pants in a panic and run down the stairs in to the front room where my only way out was through the back door just as I opening it I hear the front door open, I shut the door as quietly as possibly jump over the wall in to the church and was away. It was such a close call and admit didn't go back much after that but by that time had a big collection of there lingerie. Had some great times and good memories, hope you enjoyed the story as much as I did.

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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by pumpscummer » Sun Nov 03, 2013 12:55 am

very good story ;)! but not 100% about heels fetish
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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by SneakyCreamer » Sat May 09, 2015 6:35 pm

When I was younger (probably around 12 years old) I went into my sister's bedroom and grabbed a pair of her brown leather, round toe platform heels. I went into my room, got into bed, stuffed my rock hard cock deep into the toe of the right shoe and watched tv. All of a sudden, my sister comes in and wants to watch tv too!! Here I am, with my cock deep inside one of her shoes with only the covers keeping me safe!! I ended up blowing two loads in the shoe because I was so turned on. It was weird because I couldn't move or make any noise while cumming. Both her shoe and my cock were a sticky and cummy mess. Once she left, I "cleaned up" a little and put the shoes back in her room.

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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by Paying4College » Sat May 09, 2015 7:25 pm

My college room mate caught me, thankfully I managed to put the shoe away in time, so all he saw was me turning off the regular porn on my computer.

My stash has been caught once, weird explaining to do to with the family when it's your older sister's old shoes....

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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by floplove » Sun May 10, 2015 3:32 am

I could possibly be caught on camera sniffing,licking/worshipping a waitresses flip flops.

I had to do a service call at a reastaurant that I have done alot of work for in the past.I was asked to do a repair in the back store room.This would be where the employees would leave their street items,not really a changing clothes area,they didn't need to do that,but purses,jackets etc.Well this particular day as I walked in I see this smokin' hot young girl waitressing.I had never seen her there before. So a smile and say hi and tell her why I am there." oh good,that's fine", or what ever was said.I am very familiar with the place so I go to the room and it has a spring loaded door hinge that closes the door behind you. As that happens I see a purse on a chair and a pair of worn flip flops under the chair in front of me. Well fuck I know they are her's and I am overwhelmed by the sight of them and proceed to reach down grab them,inspect them, and immediately start sniffing and licking them. They had a wonderful salty taste of pure sole sweat. It was a very warm Summer day and early in the shift,in fact they may have not even been open yet, so I think these were pretty fresh off her feet.
So as I'm slurping away it hits me..FUCK! There is a camera directly above me! Now I previously knew this and totally forgot about it and was so taken up in that moment. Kind of a lesson as to how powerful this fetish can be and the chances we will take! So I place them back carefully and :oops: go about my business. Now from previously working there I've heard the owners talk about the cameras and how they work.They can log on their computer and view them in real time but I'm not sure how the recording process works,if it's always on 24/7 but I've heard her say how she likes to "spy" on the going's on around there,watch the videos and drunks outside and whatnot.
So I am going on the premise that I was busted. :oops: There was always shit breaking there and I was usually called in at least once a year to fix something. Now it's been awhile and I haven't heard from them since. :(

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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by 001 » Sun May 10, 2015 10:57 am

When I was in my early twenties I worked away and came home to my parents at weekends. Under the bed in my room they had stored a couple of old empty suitcases that had been there for donkeys years and never used, probably at least ten years.
I used to occasionally pick up sexy shoes from various places, charity/thrift stores, trash etc. I stored these in one of the old cases safe in the knowledge they would never be used.
Imagine my horror one weekend when I came home to discover that my father was going to go away for a week with his sister and he told me that he had taken one of the old cases to put his stuff in. My heart was beating furiously but he never said anything so all the time I was downstairs having my tea and talking to my parents I tried to remain calm assuming he had used the other suitcase.
When I eventually went upstairs and was able to check I panicked as he had taken the suitcase with all my heals hidden in it. I did not know what to do but said nothing. He never said anything either.
A few days later when he had gone I was getting some other stuff out that was stored under the bed and had to move the other empty suitcase. It felt kind of heavy which I had not been expecting so I opened it up and to my surprise and shock there were all the heals I had collected.
Obviously my father had just moved them to the other suitcase and he had never mentioned it or said anything about it. I am pretty sure he never told my mother as I know what her reaction would have been. So although I had been caught, my dad never let on to anyone about it, not even me. Ever!

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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by LuvYourSlippers247 » Thu May 14, 2015 3:58 pm

I never get caught in the act. I try to ensure the most discretion when cumming in borrowed shoes, but the only time i decided to stash some shoes in the house happened to be the time I got caught by my wife.

I noticed a hot young woman would leave shoes out on her front porch, so I began borrowing her smelly shoes for the brief time she put them out (about 3 weeks). Anyway, the young lady left her flip flops out again after I cummed in them once, and I decided to give them a second coating. This time, I took them in my house and fucked those flip flops good. I decided to let the cum dry on her flip flops, and stashed them under my computer desk.

The ONE RANDOM TIME my wife goes into my computer room looking for a highlighter, she sees the flip flops and texts me about them sitting under my desk with some gross liquid in them... I had to come up with a lie about them being from a charity shop that I may sell on ebay... she didn't bring it back up, but I know she knows I came in them... she just didn't say anything else about it...

Very awkward moment.

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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by sole_licker » Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:49 pm

It happened a couple of years ago at one of my close friend's house. Back then, it was my usual routine to visit some of my close friends house in a regular basis and obviously I always waited for chances to grab Used Female Shoes/Sandals from the Shoe Shelf in their house, then sniff & lick those (Sweaty, Smelly, Dirty & Tasty Insole) to satisfy my desire. It's a thing, I always do, anywhere I go since my early age. Anyways, my regular usual adventures was going on smoothly in their houses till that day.
That day, I went to Sumon's (that friend of mine) house at noon, his Mom & Dad both were service holders, so from morning to evening no one but Sumon stayed at the house. In his house, I took chances when he went to bathroom for shower or when he went out to bring some food/DVD or when he stayed in his room and I went to bathroom etc.
So, that day, we started to play Computer Games in his room and for almost 2 hours we continued playing. After that, we took a break & he went to the kitchen to prepare some meal. He put something in the oven & went to the bathroom for shower.
Immediately, I got myself prepared & made movement, I went straight to the shoe shelf & grab a pair of Used Shoe of his Mom, It was a Ballerina Shoe/Flat Shoe. His Mom had 7/8 pair of Shoes/Sandals in that shoe shelf, but among them 4 pairs were Well Used (she used regularly) and remaining other pairs were used occasionally. Among those 4 Well Used pairs, 1 was Flip Flop, 2 were Semi Heel & 1 was that Ballerina/Flat Shoe. There was another Ballerina/Flat Shoe she used regularly, and that day she wear them to office. She wear those two Flat Shoes alternately, regularly. So, they both were well used, Smelly & Deliciously Tasty by her Feet/Sole Sweat.
As soon as I grab them, I put my nose into the Insole to inhale her Erotic Divine Feet Aroma. Then I went to their living room, as usual, as it's adjacent to the Shoe Shelf. As I knew, Sumon will take at least 15 to 20 minutes to finish his shower, I started enjoying his Mom's Well Worn Flat Shoe without any tension. I put them in the floor & laid down beside them. I kept sniffing & her erotic Feet Sweat Aroma/Odor made my thing Super Hard & I was in Heaven. Then I put my tongue into the insole & started licking,tasting her delicious yummy Feet Sweat stored in the insole.
I was in heaven & concentrated 100% in enjoying Sumon's Mom's Well Worn Well Used Flat Shoe, I was so hard & was rubbing my thing. I knew that my adventure will take maximum 7/8 minutes and I could easily clean up everything within 2/3 minutes, that means I've had enough time before he came out from bathroom (That Usually happen every time).
But that was not my day. Suddenly I heard a noise and then a shout, "What the fuck are you doing?" I raised my head in a hurry & saw my friend Sumon, standing at the door of living room with a bewildered face & staggering look in his eyes. I immediately took my hands off from his Mom's Shoe & stood up, Panic & Fear took control over me, my heart beat increased & I was agitated as I'm the delinquent there, at least in Sumon's Trial. In that horrible situation another embarrassing thing for me was my rock hard boner which was clearly visible over the trouser. Erotic Smell & Delicious taste of his Mom's Feet Sweat from her Well Worn & Well Used Flat Shoe made my erection so hard & intense that fear & humiliation were not able to minimize it.
After a while, he asked me again the same question, but I was totally in silent mood. Then he told me, "were you using my mom's used shoe to satisfy your sexual excitement & Fetish desire?" He was known to my Fetish for Female Feet as He was my closest friend & I shared with him a little bit about the Feet Fetish several times. He also helped me few times to capture Candid Female Feet Pictures. But he couldn't believe his eyes as my fetish activity now involved his Mom's Footwear. In fact, His Mom treated me like her another Son & He couldn't believe that I could ever do something like that to her or use her things in that way, directly or indirectly.
"But he didn't know, Mom's Feet or Footwear is an awesome source to satisfy the Fetish Desire", I thought myself.
I apologized to him, but he was still angry with me. He told me to tell him how many times & for how long I was into his Mom's Feet/Footwear, So I confessed.
After that day, he stopped talking with me for about 2/3 months. Meanwhile I tried my best to minimize his anger & to made the relation warm. And of course, I felt regret & unfortunate deep in my heart as I lost the opportunity to enjoy Sumon's Mom's Delicious Feet Sweat.
But fortune favored me, as He started to communicate with me & behave like as before after 2/3 months. I felt relieved & became hopeful about enjoying His Mom's Used Footwear again. Couple of days after he started talking to me, he called me one afternoon & told me to visit his house. I went there as soon as possible. After some chit chat, he came straight to the point. He told me that, If his Mom's Used Footwear could satisfy my desire then I could continue it. He thinks a lot about it & he didn't find anything wrong with that, after all we are brothers & friends for ever etc etc.
I became so happy to hear that & thanked him. But then he came to the ultimate point, he told me that, " I could use his Mom's Used Footwear to enjoy & fulfilling my desire but in exchange He'll use my Mom's Used Blouse to satisfy his desire by Sniffing & Licking Her Armpit Sweat from the sleeve of her Used Blouse".

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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by LuvYourSlippers247 » Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:53 am

Sole_licker, I think that all worked out well... ha ha! Good story!

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