First Time Cum to Foster Mom Feet

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First Time Cum to Foster Mom Feet

Post by MyFosterMomsFeet » Mon Jan 18, 2016 2:48 pm

I was 12 and a half at this time. I was going through 'changes' and all of that stuff. this was the first time I ever look at a womans feet and got aroused. it is also the first time I ever had ejaculation.

I remember doing homework and watching tv in the living room. It was in the fall and already dark outside. My sister had just started swimteam but had car and curfew so she stayed out later than me with friends. my foster dad was no longer living with us at this time. so it was just me and my mom at home but this was usual.

I was close to finishing my assignment and looked up to see something on the tv. I was on the floor sitting by the end of the sofa closest to the tv. My head rested against the pillow my mom was using as a foot rest but it was not comfortable so I go to adjust and scoot further down so the pillow is not in my way. This is when I noticed my moms feet. they were crossed at the ankles and completely relaxed. from where I was when I noticed them all i could see were her soles and arch of the uppermost foot. her mid sole was more yellow and smooth where the pads under her toes were pink and her heels too but wrinkled. i don't know what happened but time just slowed and they seemed to be glowing.. like hercules lol I got hot and missed a breath really quickly.

I looked at my mom a split second later and realize she fell asleep sometime whilst i was doing homework. after taking a few seconds to look at her and confirm this I looked back at her feet while sitting back down this time I could see the shape of her toes and silhouette of her arch because my head was turned more towards the tv now. and I remember just kinda blankly staring down at my text book. looking at the paper but seeing only her soles in my mind. it made me hot again and i started to rise and feel pressure down there. this had happened before but did not feel like this and i had never gotten so hard that it twitched and pulsed.

i looked at my moms face again. i had known her pretty much as long as i could remember. i looked at her while thinking about all the memories she has given to me. birthdays, holidays, just the little things.. and I felt bad... like i had done something that was terrible. i jumped when she moved her leg a crossed her ankle a litle higher more almost as if wanting to move it up to her bottom most legs knee so her foot was slight extend past the sofa cusion. my attention darted back to her foot. she was just starting to relax it after what I know now but didn't then to be one of her toespreads. so what I saw was her sole unwrinkling before smoothing and relaxing about 8 or 9 inches from my face.

again... i started to rise, i had softened just a little while looking at her face, but it was even harder and pulsing like a slow steady heart beat. i was wearing sweat pants and a sweater so there was no hiding the huge stiffness in my pants unless i used my sweater or hunched over. touching it felt good. I remember firmly squeezing the top over my cloths.. it seems to help me relax. I was lost in a trance looking at her sole

it was perfect to me. not to narrow or wide, not to smooth or wrinkled, long pink toes with spaces between them. her to nails werent pained but made my mouth water. I didn't realize it but i had been slowly leaning closer to her foot. before snapping to. I was overwhlemed with bad feeling again and quickly left to go to my room. forcing my erection to point down along the way. once in my room. I sat and thought about what i just did and how i reacted to it all.

it was really a entrenal war. from being entranced by the vision of her feet to feeling terrible because that was my mom and she was so a wonderful lovign and good person. eventually the visions of her feet took over and i couldn't fight the urge to jerk off. I had never been so hard. I couldn't think about anything else. i could smell them and see them. shortly after i had my first ejaculation. I almost blacked out and when the room brightened again. there was white sticky stuff ALL OVER the place. my sweater, sweat pants. hands, arm, (gross but) my chin too.

I remember smiling... i felt like i had done something fun but dangerous without getting caught or in trouble... and I that i could keep doing it so long as i kept it secret. and I'll never forget that realization. a couple mins after as i'm catching my breath and mentally celebrating i here my mom walk into the kitchen downstairs and turn on the sink. it was almost time for dinner. she was very routine and predicatable. She called out to me to let me know. I yelled down to her i was going to take a shower and should be done by the time it was ready.

I ended up jerkin myself again in the shower and this time managed to see myself ejaculate.. it jetted out hard and far and was so think i could here it hitting the shower floor over the showerhead. I felt so relaxed going down stairs to dinner. my sister was home by then and we all congregated in the kitchen before sitting down to eat. I remember looking at my mothers legs and heels poking out from her clogs. But didnt look too much because each time i felt myself start to stir

I keep this up for about 2 months before getting bolder and venturing into way to cum while actually looking at her feet. I'll talk more about that in my next post before getting to the really really good stuff

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Re: First Time Cum to Foster Mom Feet

Post by sandalfan1 » Sun Sep 25, 2016 2:45 pm

Have you written the next part of the post yet? I am anxious to hear the good stuff.

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Re: First Time Cum to Foster Mom Feet

Post by Liuyinek » Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:20 pm

Photos of the clogs of your mom?

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