the holidays, spending time with family/friends, and PURSES!

For those who like to cum on jackets, gloves, purses and other leather accessories as well leather furniture. Tell me this isn't a first!

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the holidays, spending time with family/friends, and PURSES!

Post by ilovepursesandpumps » Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:56 pm

We all like to spend holidays with friends and family. As yesterday was the Fourth of July, we gathered around them, and the females had purses, no doubt. Does anyone have any stories of close encounters of the handbag kind to share? Back when i was a youngster, i would hang out with the peeps on both my mom AND dad's side of the family, as we would go to a certain park on July 4th. I marvelled at the beautiful purses back then that female relatives carried. oftentimes, we would have blankets spread out on the grass of the park, and we would all talk and have fun. Many times, my eyes would wander to the said glorious purses on said blankets. Wishing i could have rolled on top of one. LOL

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